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VIAF inter project linking is a method to link between various web sites using Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) numbers. The keyword "VIAF" followed by the corresponding numbers are visible to site visitors, supported by local and / or via google search functins.
The method how to reach the authors page should be known and should require a few clicks only. In a later stage it should be possible to access these pages directly by knowing a simple url scheeme where the VIAF number is included.
Examples for Anne Frank which as an assigen VIAF number (VIAF: 27064673)

Authority control data are entered to MW pages by variants of the template:Authority control. For many users outside the German language projects this are quite new topics (see talk page). Authority control datas are sensitive datas please do not copy them between projects without visual check (in German "Sichtung").
A bookmarklet and and also a Greasemonkey script (deprecated)translations were developed by T.Gries for this type of work. The code is located at the place where WikiMedia software and tools are availalbe. Examples on how to identify missing authority file datas will follow.

Special thanks to all translators, "cleaners" and to all helpers during the startup. Their comments, specification / usage clarifications, data correction / data cleanup made it possible to start and to continue from now on this work together.

Todays status[edit]

Latn - ro
Latn - eo

More variants of the template:Authority control (having different functionality) [1]are available at:


Anybody working or being interested on topics as authority control data, knowledge propagation, improvements and new ideas as well as all the specialists on semantic web, the tool designer, the mw developers are very welcome. We should pay attention to smaller / small language communities which do neither have the manpower nor many language speakers to focus on technological issues.

If you do not know where to show your interest leave your signature here[edit]

Put four ~ on a new line as per Wikipedia:Signatures

Stuartyeates (talk) 21:55, 27 September 2011 (UTC)


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References / notes[edit]

  1. Adding the template / Changes to the functionality mainly depend on community consensus. Many functions are still under evaluation and documentation is poor or completly missing.