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The Ideal City by Fra Carnevale, between 1480-1484; the first image contributed by the Walters.

Chinese - Camel

Daughter of Amenophis IV or Akhenaten (1351-1334)

Alfred Jacob Miller - "Big Bowl" ( A Crow Chief)

Colmar Painter - Running Warrior

Akiyama Buemon - Tsuki hyakushi

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The Walters Art Museum is a public art museum located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Its permanent collection includes more than 22,000 objects ranging from ancient art from around the world including pieces from Egypt, Rome and Greece. Other periods include Medieval, Renaissance, paintings up to the 19th-century, Chinese ceramics and bronzes and Art Deco decorative arts. The images being contributed to Wikimedia Commons showcase these objects, taken by professional object photographers.

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Upload preparations

On February 2, 2012, Walters Art Museum adopted Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license for all text and images published on their website and began working with Wikimedia Commons on mass upload of over 18 thousand images. On March 26, uploading was completed.


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