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Feed the monster![edit]

wikiArS workshop at Libre Graphics Meeting in Leipzig, April 4th, 2014; conduced by Gráfica Liebre and Wikimedia España members.

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Leipzig Parks[edit]

The parks of Leipzig don't have nice maps in Wikipedia! We can use SVG fragments from Open Street Maps and after improve them, insert in the Leipzig`s Parks articles in Wikipedia.

Reference examples[edit]

What to do[edit]

These parks don't have a map:

Typography schemes[edit]

We can create or improve typography examples or diagrams. It would be convenient also explain the typography`s anatomy using fonts under Open Font Licenses.

Reference examples[edit]

What to do[edit]

Coats of arms of Leipzig[edit]

We can vectorize coats of arms of municipalities of Leipzig district

Map of Leipzig district
Map of Leipzig district

Why SVG?[edit]

Because is a free, open, scalable and easy modification format.

What to do[edit]

  1. Choose a coat of arms in png or jpg format from this category
  2. Vectorize it.

Currently worked on[edit]


  1. signup
  2. upload:
    1. Upload Wizard
    2. Upload Wizard customized for wikiArS (preferred!)
      1. Put [[en:Libre Graphics Meeting|Libre Graphics Meeting]] inside "organization" field in the form
      2. delete any content in the school field
  3. if you have used Open Street Map you must use CC-BY-SA license. After the upload, edit the page and put this |Permission ={{ODbL OpenStreetMap}} inside "Information" template
  1. You can put also wich software is used in the "Description" parameter; for that you can use a "created with" template like Template:Created with Inkscape or others