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Please help translating the WikiMiniAtlas interface to the many languages used on commons at Commons:WikiMiniAtlas/Translations.
WikiMiniAtlas in commons, displaying thumbnails

WikiMiniAtlas is JavaScript plugin to display a draggable, zoomable, and clickable worldmap on geocoded image pages, such as this one. The map contains thumbnails of all other geocoded images on Commons and can be magnified down to approximate 100m resolution worldwide. While it looks similar to GoogleMaps it is our own software and free data.

Stand alone version

What it looked like in February '07 ..
.. and what it looks like in June '07.

A stand-alone version can be found here


July 5th, 2007
Thanks the en:User:TheDJ who suggested a patch, the WikiMiniAtlas now works in Safari.
June 19th, 2007
The new base map generated from VMAP0 data is now live for about a week. Today I had to create a workaround for yet another IE bug (location headers on image request replies seem to get ignored).
May 30th, 2007
The new database dump adds over 3300 new images to the map, that's almost a 120% increase. Geocoding is really taking off now. The display of the images can now be switched for labels from seven different wikipedias. The WikiMikiAtlas userinterface has been translated into 25 different languages so far. Thanks guys!
May 16th, 2007
The WikiMiniAtlas is enabled globally on Commons. A couple of enhancements are planned. The display of either thumbnails or Links to Wikipedia articles in various languages wil be switchable soon.


Thumbnails partially occluded by map tiles (IE only)
The thumbs are child elements of the maptiles and therefore the z-index mechanism does not work between thumbs and neighbouring maptiles in the Internet Explorer. Links: [1]

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