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This page is intended to develop and discuss a demonstration of how a degree of descriptive image tagging may be possible. Please do sign up as a member of Commons:WikiProject Erotica and submit any feedback, thoughts or suggestions here, or on the talk page.

Flickr Setup[edit]

See this page for a rationale and description of how Flickr manages image filtering based on the content / suitability of images for various audiences. This page is largely intended for those who can see some benefit in brainstorming and developing such an approach for commons, though at this stage the intention is to try and work out a suitable technical implementation, and to demonstrate its potential utility.

Commons Equivalence[edit]

The principle of Flickr's filtering is to allow uploaders, and the community, to set three different levels for any given image, being 'Safe', 'Moderate', and 'Restricted'. A simple commons equivalence would be to discuss which categories could be tagged with 'moderate' and 'restricted' (with 'safe' being assumed by default). I've renamed 'restricted' below, aiming for a more neutral description. In this area, we will attempt exactly that. Either work below according to the consensus model of editing, or create a subpage for your own use if you feel that would be useful, given the scale of the task.

Categories marked as 'Moderate'[edit]

Categories marked as 'Filter desirable for some'[edit]

this issue of false positives within categorisation has been raised on the talk page, and the view that such a system may be unworkable - feel free to nominate further categories below, but please be prepared to discuss issues on talk.

  1. Category:Sex (borderline, all, or almost all, of the following are sub cat.s)
  2. Category:Sexual_licking (borderline, following is sub cat.)
  3. Category:Oral sex (borderline, following is sub cat.)
  4. Category:Fellatio
  5. Category:Sexual_acts

Individual media marked as 'Moderate'[edit]

Individual media marked as 'Filter desirable for some'[edit]

  1. File:A_American_lady_rear_view.JPG
  2. File:Deep.jpg
  3. File:Labret phallic coddling.jpg
  4. File:Vagína se spermatem.jpg
  5. File:Fellation from 2006.JPG
  6. File:IndoMiMiPussyCream-1.jpg
  7. File:Fellatio gay.jpg
  8. File:Blonde teenie sucking.jpg
  9. File:Sexuality pearl necklace small.png
  10. File:HardttcoreEatsIndoMiMiPussy-1.JPG
  11. File:HardttcoreLicksIndoMiMiPussy.jpg

Subpages for editors / teams to work[edit]

Demonstrations in practice[edit]

Please do not create a demonstration of this process using templates or categories - the adding of such tagging without community support will be considered 'spamming' and will be removed automatically.

If you are legally permitted to view sexually explicit material - which in many jurisdictions means you are an adult (over the age of 18) - then you can see a gallery of the above files here; /Gallery