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Ashish Kothari[edit]

Ashish Kothari is an Indian environmentalist working on development, environment interface, biodiversity policy, and alternatives.He is one of founders of Kalpavriksh, a Non-Profit Organisation in India which deals with environmental and development issues. He has also been a teacher of environment at Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. He has a long list of academic publication under him. He is also a nature photographer by passion.

Santosh Shingare[edit]

Santosh Shingare is a senior Software Engineer at Talview in video conferencing domain. He is also a Wikimedian and a photographer who largely contributes to Wikimedia Commons. Santosh is amongst one of the highest contributors to Wikimedia Commons in the Indian Community.

Souradeep Ghosh[edit]

Souradeep Ghosh is an independent freelancer in the field of nature photography. Amongst his significant achievements been his photography display at Swiss Art Space, Contemporary art gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland besides honorary mention at, etc.