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Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) is an annual international photographic competition held during the month of May, organised worldwide by the Wikipedia community members with the help of local Wikimedia affiliates across the globe. Participants take pictures of local natural heritage and scenic landscape in their countries, and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. The aim of event is to highlight the conservation areas of the participating countries with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures of these sights, and to put them under a free licence which can then be re-used not only in Wikipedia but everywhere by everyone.

Wiki Loves Earth 2019 in Tanzania[edit]

This will be the first time for Tanzania to participate in Wiki Loves Earth project. The Volunteers are excited to participate in such fascinating project where they can contribute the pictures of local natural heritage and scenic landscapes found in Tanzania.

For all participating countries there are separate competitions organized by local teams, so periods, rules, prizes etc. might differ a bit. To take part in the international part of Wiki Loves Earth contest, a submission should:

  • Be self taken

All entries must be original photographs uploaded by their authors. Photos uploaded by anyone else than author (even with permission) are not accepted. Be self uploaded during the contest period (May/June 2019); You are also welcome to submit photos you may have taken in the past. What matters is that photos must be uploaded during the contest period (in May/June 2019, exact dates listed on the contest page)

  • Be under a free license

Contain an identified natural monument / natural park / protected area etc. Lists of eligible sites are published by each participating country.

  • Be nominated through a national contest
  • Have at least 2Mpx

Photos under 2Mpx can be accepted in local contests, but should such photo be nominated for the international part the author will have to upload higher resolution or the photo will be disqualified.

When will the contest start[edit]

Wiki Loves Earth 2019 in Tanzania will be between 1st June to 30 June 2019. More information and updates will be given as time gets near.More info about WLE you may it here

Upload your image(s)[edit]

Upload your photos in June

Top three Winning photos of 2019[edit]

Organizing Team[edit]