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Ghana was happy during the month of September, as we had the opportunity to participate in our first Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 event that went global this year. Organizers of the WLM in Ghana, 2012 were also happy to have seen 114 photos uploaded during the event month for use on Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Jury[edit]

The jury comprised of 3 members, namely, Rexford (PWMGH), Limoke Oscar (Wikimedia Kenya), and Sophie Österberg (Wikimedia Sweden).

The judging process involved each member of the Jury selecting his top 10 best images out of the total number of photos submitted. Next, each member was scored each image he had selected with 10 points for best image and 1 point for the not-so-good image. The points across all the images were summed and the final score for each image used to select the final images. Incase of a tie in points, the image that was voted by the most number of Jury members was given a higher weight.

The Top 10 Images[edit]

Images arranged from left to right - best photo first. These 10 photos will contest internationally with other top ten photos submitted by countries that participated in the 2012 WLM.


I, Rexford, on behalf of the Planning Wikimedia Ghana wish to express our deepest appreciation to all who helped in making the WLM 2012 in Ghana a successful one, not to forget Rupert (Wikimedia Switzerland) who worked with us from scratch till its completion, and the non-Ghanaian jury members.

A big thank you also goes to all who had the opportunity to promote their cultural heritage this year via Wikimedia Commons by uploading their beautiful photos for use on Wikimedia project websites.

We hope to hold a bigger and more interesting WLM 2013 event next year. Until then, you can help add the photos submitted to their related articles on Wikipedia.

Please follow the link below to view all the images submitted.