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Basic information[edit]

  • Date: Friday 12 July 2013, 4pm–5pm BST (13:00–14:00 UTC)
  • Venue: WMUK phone conference system
  • Participants: All welcome!
  • Contacts: For access information or questions, please contact Katie Chan on, 020 7065 0990

Present: Michael Maggs, Richard Nevell, Katie Chan, Rod Ward, HJ Mitchell, Tomasz Kozłowski, Stevie Benton (part time)


  • Set up external website for competitors [RN to liaise with WMUK contractors]
  • Add content to external website when structure is in place [MM and all]
  • Draft text for spamming Wikipedia county projects and put up for discussion [MM, with RW to review]
  • Decide on projects/channels to spam [all]
  • Ask International team about linking with upload tool and campaign [MM]
  • Run Wiki takes Chester as part of WLM [HM]
  • Review PR tasks on the tasks page, revise and update [SB]
  • Liaise with press [SB]
  • Try to seek local interest/awards [all]
  • Write WLM flier to hand out to local groups & at Wikimeets [WMUK office]
  • Complete uploading of listing particulars to Wikipedia, and check [KC & others]


  • Confirm that we will not offer a Flickr upload route this year
  • No special GLAM award for the UK

Unedited Etherpad notes taken during the meeting[edit]

WLM UK on Commons - main page

WLM UK on Commons - planning page

NL competitors' website

US competitors' website

Polish website

Wiki Loves Monuments international (under revamp)


    • Hm…

Spam local volunteer via WikiProjects


  • Website - Office to get website ready for content, everyone (particular Michael Maggs) to add content
  • en.wp - Create single page with content and link to WLMuk website
  • Stevie to review PR
  • Rod to provide information on relevant WikiProjects
  • Someone to post messages to the WikiProjects
  • Office to look into WLM flyers to promote at Wikimeets and other events