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Welcome to
Wiki Loves Monuments 2023 in Ghana
A photo competition to capture the rich, beautiful cultural and monumental sites and their remains in Ghana throughout the month of September.


This is a photo competition which runs throughout the month of September. You can take your photos whenever but be sure to upload them from 1st to 30th September to join the contest. A local jury will select the best photos to represent Ghana at the international level. 3 photos will be selected as the final top 3 photos by the international jury.


  1. Look through this list and select which monument you want to photograph. Go out with your camera and capture them. You can also opt to join our trips to these sites. Contact us.
  1. Once you have your photos, create a Wikimedia Commons account, you can create one here. If you have a Wikipedia account, that can be used also.
  2. Be sure to add the monument's name, and give it a good description and date taken.
  3. You can use the upload button below to get started.
Ready with your photos? Click Here


  1. All photos uploaded must be your own work and should not have any watermark.
  2. All photos must be uploaded in the month of September.
  3. Make sure your uploaded photo is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
  4. Participants must have an active email address for organizers to contact you if the need arises.


Please contact any of the organizers below if you want to ask any questions.

Bright Ayisi [+233243254109]