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Wiki Loves Villages

WLV is a photographic event to increase the amount of freely-licensed material related to Villages/Gaunpalika (Rural Municipalities) of Nepalese districts in Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. Maithili Wikimedians is involved in this event. The event aimed to photograph the important places of Nepal which is not yet uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Wiki Loves Villages also encourages people to promote donating images to Wikimedia Commons from different parts of the country.

The event includes photo walks in different parts of the country with Wikimedians and photographers of Nepal. The event is initially started with the help of MWUG volunteers and expected to extend it to the National level photo competition later.

Though the cities are thought as main parts of Nepal and facilitated with most of the factors, the beauties of Nepal are hidden inside so-called ‘Villages’. The major destinations for people around the world are reached through the villages. The green plants everywhere and terrace hills are not really possible inside the well-eased part of the country. Blessed with many mountains, hills and plain lands, Nepal is an attractive place. People work with busy schedules in cities but when they want the real refreshment inside the countries, they travel villages to villages smelling the natural pollution-free odor of muds and living with traditional lifestyles. The western cultures have not yet touched the purity of villages. The villages of Nepal are generally unknown to people outside the country. As soon as they land in the national capital, the polluted air and populated environment may create a negative perception about Nepal but real Nepal lies inside the villages. The pure cultures and traditions, the local lifestyles and unpolluted natural beauty is the real taste of Nepal

Wikipedia is a platform to get knowledge and information about the unknown facts. The villages and the factual part of Nepal are yet to be known to many parts of the world. There are many articles related to villages but very imaginable due to fewer photographs. The main motive of implementing the wiki loves village project is to enlighten about the hidden beauty of nature residing in villages.

Project Details[edit]

Project Goal[edit]

  1. Spread awareness about Wikipedia and Wikimedia commons among rural areas people and local photographers.
  2. Collaboration with professional photographers team.
  3. Engagement of new users in Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  4. Take photographs of villages (Rural Municipalities) of three districts of Nepal.
  5. Improve the quality of images.
  6. Upload photographs with different subject like culture, lifestyles, festivals, shelter, food, dress-up, people and educational institutions.

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