Copping's Bible Illustrations

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Bible illustrations by Harold Copping.

Old Testament[edit]






Book of Joshua[edit]

Book of Judges[edit]

Book of Ruth[edit]

Books of Samuel[edit]

Books of Kings[edit]

Books of Chronicles[edit]

The Prophets[edit]

Ezra and Nehemiah[edit]


New Testament[edit]

Life of Christ[edit]

Birth and early years[edit]

John's & beginning of Jesus' ministry, Judean ministry[edit]

1st Tour and choice of the 12, Galilean ministry[edit]

Parables & denoicements begin, Galilean ministry[edit]

Sending of the 12; Feeding of the 5000, Galilean ministry[edit]

Travels outside Galilee; Confession of Christ, Outside Galilee[edit]

Later Judean ministry; Sending of the 72, Judean ministry[edit]

Teachings on the road, from Luke, Judean ministry[edit]

Perean ministry & approach to Jerusalem, Perean & Judean ministry[edit]

Passion week, Judean ministry[edit]

Last Supper, Judean ministry[edit]

Condemnation, Crucifiction, Burial; Judea[edit]

Resurrection, Appearances, Ascension[edit]

Acts and Letters[edit]