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English: Cumulus, cloud genera
Français : Cumulus
Italiano: Cumulus, genere di nubi
日本語: 積雲
한국어: 적운
Cumulus clouds as seen from an airplane, in Ammergauer Alpen (Ammergau Alps) and above of Wetterstein mountains


Cumulus humilis[edit]

Cumulus mediocris[edit]

Cumulus congestus[edit]

Cumulus fractus[edit]


Cumulus radiatus[edit]

Supplementary features[edit]

Cumulus arcus[edit]

Cumulus praecipitatio[edit]

Cumulus tuba[edit]

Cumulus virga[edit]

Accessory clouds[edit]

Cumulus pannus[edit]

Cumulus pileus[edit]

Cumulus velum[edit]

Cumulus convection[edit]

Cumulus combined with others[edit]

Other Cumulus images[edit]