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This warning should be placed at the top of all templates and modules that are shared between wikis.

1page name(18)wiki-page-name{{subst:NAMESPACE}}:{{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}Template:My_shared_template(17)The full name of the shared template or module, as stored at, including the namespace.(15)
2translation table(17)string{{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}My_shared_template(17)Optional title of the Commons data table with translations for this template or module, without the Data: prefix, and without the ".tab" suffix.(15)
originOrigin(3)stringMediaWikiCustom origin. Supported values: “mw”/“MediaWiki” for MediaWiki (default), “c”/“Commons” for Wikimedia Commons, “m”/“Meta” for Wikimedia Meta-Wiki.(3)

Documentation for mw:Template:Shared Template Warning, original work by User:Yurik.

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