Ebbe Grims-land

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Ebbe Grims-land

Ebbe Grims-land, born June 11, 1915 in Malmö, is a Swedish composer and viola player. He is also one of Sweden´s foremost mandolin players.

Grims-land made his debut as violinist in Malmö in 1932 and has studied in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Vienna. His first compositions, during the 1930s, were made for chamber orchestras.

He was an early member of Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare (FST) (The Society of Swedish Composers). In 2005 he became an Honorary member of the Chamber Music association Samtida Musik (Contemporary Music), founded 1960 and situated in Stockholm.

Grims-land was active as a member of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra for 31 years.

Of his more than 200 compositions can be mentioned

  • Solo: Brillante Figurationen (violin)
  • Vocal: Song to a lonely flower by the sea (flute, violin, viola, guitar)
  • Duo: Concerto-Gavotto per OTTO (violin, viola) dedicated to Otto von Habsburg
  • Trios:
Instrumental ballad (violin, viola, guitar)
Quartetto-Capricionata (3 strings, guitar)
Quintetto (flute, 4 strings)
  • Scherzo-Polka (symphonic brass band)
  • Bad´ner-Kurpark-Tradition (spa orch. / symphonic brass band)
  • Bläser-Blues (marimba, brass band)
  • Concerts:
Concertino for mandolin and 10 instruments
Montafoni (D-trumpet)
Klingender Baum (Marimba)
Concert for flute and clarinet
  • Symphony:
Sinfonie-Carl Linnéus