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English: Ideograms or smileys used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages

Source of information: Unicode, visited on 10/28/2015

Count Code Browser Noto Color Emoji Twitter Emoji Emoji One Firefox OS Emoji Phantom Open Emoji Name Version Default Annotations
1 U+1F600 😀 Emoji u1f600.svg Twemoji 1f600.svg Emojione 1F600.svg Fxemoji u1F600.svg PEO-grinning.svg grinning face V6.1ˣ emoji face, grin, person
2 U+1F601 😁 Emoji u1f601.svg Twemoji 1f601.svg Emojione 1F601.svg Fxemoji u1F601.svg PEO-grin.svg grinning face with smiling eyes V6.0ʲ emoji eye, face, grin, person, smile
3 U+1F602 😂 Emoji u1f602.svg Twemoji 1f602.svg Emojione 1F602.svg Fxemoji u1F602.svg PEO-face with tear of joy.svg face with tears of joy V6.0ʲ emoji face, joy, person, tear
4 U+1F603 😃 Emoji u1f603.svg Twemoji 1f603.svg Emojione 1F603.svg Fxemoji u1F603.svg PEO-smiley.svg smiling face with open mouth V6.0ʲ emoji face, mouth, open, person, smile
5 U+1F604 😄 Emoji u1f604.svg Twemoji 1f604.svg Emojione 1F604.svg Fxemoji u1F604.svg PEO-smile.svg smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes V6.0ʲ emoji eye, face, mouth, open, person, smile
6 U+1F605 😅 Emoji u1f605.svg Twemoji 1f605.svg Emojione 1F605.svg Fxemoji u1F605.svg PEO-sweat smile.svg smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat V6.0ʲ emoji cold, face, open, person, smile, sweat
7 U+1F606 😆 Emoji u1f606.svg Twemoji 1f606.svg Emojione 1F606.svg Fxemoji u1F606.svg PEO-laughing.svg smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes V6.0ʲ emoji face, laugh, mouth, open, person, satisfied, smile
8 U+1F609 😉 Emoji u1f609.svg Twemoji 1f609.svg Emojione 1F609.svg Fxemoji u1F609.svg PEO-wink.svg winking face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, wink
9 U+1F60A 😊 Emoji u1f60a.svg Twemoji 1f60a.svg Emojione 1F60A.svg Fxemoji u1F60A.svg PEO-blush.svg smiling face with smiling eyes V6.0ʲ emoji blush, eye, face, person, smile
10 U+1F60B 😋 Emoji u1f60b.svg Twemoji 1f60b.svg Emojione 1F60B.svg Fxemoji u1F60B.svg PEO-face savouring delicious food.svg face savouring delicious food V6.0ʲ emoji delicious, face, food, person, savouring, smile, um, yum
11 U+1F60E 😎 Emoji u1f60e.svg Twemoji 1f60e.svg Emojione 1F60E.svg Fxemoji u1F60E.svg smiling face with sunglasses V6.0ˣ emoji bright, cool, eye, eyewear, face, glasses, person, smile, sun, sunglasses, weather
12 U+1F60D 😍 Emoji u1f60d.svg Twemoji 1f60d.svg Emojione 1F60D.svg Fxemoji u1F60D.svg PEO-heart eyes.svg smiling face with heart-shaped eyes V6.0ʲ emoji eye, face, heart, love, person, smile
13 U+1F618 😘 Emoji u1f618.svg Twemoji 1f618.svg Emojione 1F618.svg Fxemoji u1F618.svg PEO-kissing heart.svg face throwing a kiss V6.0ʲ emoji face, heart, kiss, person
14 U+1F617 😗 Emoji u1f617.svg Twemoji 1f617.svg Emojione 1F617.svg Fxemoji u1F617.svg PEO-kissing.svg kissing face V6.1ˣ emoji face, kiss, person
15 U+1F619 😙 Emoji u1f619.svg Twemoji 1f619.svg Emojione 1F619.svg Fxemoji u1F619.svg PEO-kissing smiling eyes.svg kissing face with smiling eyes V6.1ˣ emoji eye, face, kiss, person, smile
16 U+1F61A 😚 Emoji u1f61a.svg Twemoji 1f61a.svg Emojione 1F61A.svg Fxemoji u1F61A.svg PEO-kissing closed eyes.svg kissing face with closed eyes V6.0ʲ emoji closed, eye, face, kiss, person
17 U+263A ☺️ Emoji u263a.svg Twemoji 263a.svg Emojione 263A.svg Fxemoji u263A.svg PEO-white smiling face.svg white smiling face V1.1ʲʷ text* face, outlined, person, relaxed, smile
18 U+1F642 🙂 Fxemoji u1F642.svg slightly smiling face V7.0ˣ emoji face, person, smile
19 U+1F917 🤗 hugging face V8.0ˣ emoji face, hug, hugging, person
20 U+1F607 😇 Emoji u1f607.svg Twemoji 1f607.svg Emojione 1F607.svg Fxemoji u1F607.svg smiling face with halo V6.0ˣ emoji angel, face, fairy tale, fantasy, halo, innocent, person, smile
21 U+1F914 🤔 thinking face V8.0ˣ emoji face, person, thinking
22 U+1F610 😐 Emoji u1f610.svg Twemoji 1f610.svg Emojione 1F610.svg Fxemoji u1F610.svg neutral face V6.0ʷ emoji deadpan, face, neutral, person
23 U+1F611 😑 Emoji u1f611.svg Twemoji 1f611.svg Emojione 1F611.svg Fxemoji u1F611.svg PEO-expressionless.svg expressionless face V6.1ˣ emoji expressionless, face, inexpressive, person, unexpressive
24 U+1F636 😶 Emoji u1f636.svg Twemoji 1f636.svg Emojione 1F636.svg Fxemoji u1F636.svg face without mouth V6.0ˣ emoji face, mouth, person, quiet, silent
25 U+1F644 Twemoji 1f644.svg face with rolling eyes V8.0Ë£ emoji eyes, face, person, rolling
26 U+1F60F 😏 Emoji u1f60f.svg Twemoji 1f60f.svg Emojione 1F60F.svg Fxemoji u1F60F.svg PEO-smirk.svg smirking face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, smirk
27 U+1F623 😣 Emoji u1f623.svg Twemoji 1f623.svg Emojione 1F623.svg Fxemoji u1F623.svg PEO-persevering face.svg persevering face V6.0ʲ emoji face, persevere, person
28 U+1F625 😥 Emoji u1f625.svg Twemoji 1f625.svg Emojione 1F625.svg Fxemoji u1F625.svg PEO-disappointed but relieved face.svg disappointed but relieved face V6.0ʲ emoji disappointed, face, person, relieved, whew
29 U+1F62E 😮 Emoji u1f62e.svg Twemoji 1f62e.svg Emojione 1F62E.svg Fxemoji u1F62E.svg PEO-open mouth.svg face with open mouth V6.1ˣ emoji face, mouth, open, person, sympathy
30 U+1F910 🤐 zipper-mouth face V8.0ˣ emoji face, mouth, person, zipper
31 U+1F62F 😯 Emoji u1f62f.svg Twemoji 1f62f.svg Emojione 1F62F.svg Fxemoji u1F62F.svg PEO-hushed.svg hushed face V6.1ˣ emoji face, hushed, person, stunned, surprised
32 U+1F62A 😪 Emoji u1f62a.svg Twemoji 1f62a.svg Emojione 1F62A.svg Fxemoji u1F62A.svg sleepy face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, sleep
33 U+1F62B 😫 Emoji u1f62b.svg Twemoji 1f62b.svg Emojione 1F62B.svg Fxemoji u1F62B.svg tired face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, tired
34 U+1F634 😴 Emoji u1f634.svg Twemoji 1f634.svg Emojione 1F634.svg Fxemoji u1F634.svg PEO-sleeping.svg sleeping face V6.1ˣ emoji face, person, sleep, zzz
35 U+1F60C 😌 Emoji u1f60c.svg Twemoji 1f60c.svg Emojione 1F60C.svg Fxemoji u1F60C.svg PEO-relieved.svg relieved face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, relieved
36 U+1F913 🤓 nerd face V8.0ˣ emoji face, geek, nerd, person
37 U+1F61B 😛 Emoji u1f61b.svg Twemoji 1f61b.svg Emojione 1F61B.svg Fxemoji u1F61B.svg PEO-stuck out tongue-0.svg face with stuck-out tongue V6.1ˣ emoji face, person, tongue
38 U+1F61C 😜 Emoji u1f61c.svg Twemoji 1f61c.svg Emojione 1F61C.svg Fxemoji u1F61C.svg PEO-wink2.svg face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye V6.0ʲ emoji eye, face, joke, person, tongue, wink
39 U+1F61D 😝 Emoji u1f61d.svg Twemoji 1f61d.svg Emojione 1F61D.svg Fxemoji u1F61D.svg PEO-stuck out tongue closed eyes.svg face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes V6.0ʲ emoji eye, face, horrible, person, taste, tongue
40 U+2639 ☹ white frowning face V1.1ʷ text face, frown, person
41 U+1F641 🙁 Fxemoji u1F641.svg slightly frowning face V7.0ˣ emoji face, frown, person
42 U+1F612 😒 Emoji u1f612.svg Twemoji 1f612.svg Emojione 1F612.svg Fxemoji u1F612.svg PEO-unamused.svg unamused face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, unamused, unhappy
43 U+1F613 😓 Emoji u1f613.svg Twemoji 1f613.svg Emojione 1F613.svg Fxemoji u1F613.svg PEO-sweat.svg face with cold sweat V6.0ʲ emoji cold, face, person, sweat
44 U+1F614 😔 Emoji u1f614.svg Twemoji 1f614.svg Emojione 1F614.svg Fxemoji u1F614.svg PEO-pensive face.svg pensive face V6.0ʲ emoji dejected, face, pensive, person
45 U+1F615 😕 Emoji u1f615.svg Twemoji 1f615.svg Emojione 1F615.svg Fxemoji u1F615.svg PEO-confused.svg confused face V6.1ˣ emoji confused, face, person
46 U+1F616 😖 Emoji u1f616.svg Twemoji 1f616.svg Emojione 1F616.svg Fxemoji u1F616.svg confounded face V6.0ʲ emoji confounded, face, person
47 U+1F643 🙃 upside-down face V8.0ˣ emoji face, person, upside-down
48 U+1F637 😷 Emoji u1f637.svg Twemoji 1f637.svg Emojione 1F637.svg Fxemoji u1F637.svg PEO-face with medical mask.svg face with medical mask V6.0ʲ emoji cold, doctor, face, mask, medicine, person, sick
49 U+1F912 🤒 face with thermometer V8.0ˣ emoji face, ill, person, sick, thermometer
50 U+1F915 🤕 face with head-bandage V8.0ˣ emoji bandage, face, hurt, injury, person
51 U+1F911 🤑 money-mouth face V8.0ˣ emoji face, money, mouth, person
52 U+1F632 😲 Emoji u1f632.svg Twemoji 1f632.svg Emojione 1F632.svg Fxemoji u1F632.svg PEO-astonished face.svg astonished face V6.0ʲ emoji astonished, face, person, shocked, totally
53 U+1F61E 😞 Emoji u1f61e.svg Twemoji 1f61e.svg Emojione 1F61E.svg Fxemoji u1F61E.svg PEO-disappointed face.svg disappointed face V6.0ʲ emoji disappointed, face, person
54 U+1F61F 😟 Emoji u1f61f.svg Twemoji 1f61f.svg Emojione 1F61F.svg Fxemoji u1F61F.svg PEO-worried.svg worried face V6.1ˣ emoji face, person, worried
55 U+1F624 😤 Emoji u1f624.svg Twemoji 1f624.svg Emojione 1F624.svg Fxemoji u1F624.svg PEO-face with look of triumph.svg face with look of triumph V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, triumph, won
56 U+1F622 😢 Emoji u1f622.svg Twemoji 1f622.svg Emojione 1F622.svg Fxemoji u1F622.svg PEO-crying face.svg crying face V6.0ʲ emoji cry, face, person, sad, tear
57 U+1F62D 😭 Emoji u1f62d.svg Twemoji 1f62d.svg Emojione 1F62D.svg Fxemoji u1F62D.svg PEO-loudly crying face.svg loudly crying face V6.0ʲ emoji cry, face, person, sad, sob, tear
58 U+1F626 😦 Emoji u1f626.svg Twemoji 1f626.svg Emojione 1F626.svg Fxemoji u1F626.svg PEO-frowning.svg frowning face with open mouth V6.1ˣ emoji face, frown, mouth, open, person
59 U+1F627 😧 Emoji u1f627.svg Twemoji 1f627.svg Emojione 1F627.svg Fxemoji u1F627.svg PEO-anguished.svg anguished face V6.1ˣ emoji anguished, face, person
60 U+1F628 😨 Emoji u1f628.svg Twemoji 1f628.svg Emojione 1F628.svg Fxemoji u1F628.svg PEO-fearful face.svg fearful face V6.0ʲ emoji face, fear, fearful, person, scared
61 U+1F629 😩 Emoji u1f629.svg Twemoji 1f629.svg Emojione 1F629.svg Fxemoji u1F629.svg PEO-weary face.svg weary face V6.0ʲ emoji face, person, tired, weary
62 U+1F62C 😬 Emoji u1f62c.svg Twemoji 1f62c.svg Emojione 1F62C.svg Fxemoji u1F62C.svg PEO-grimacing.svg grimacing face V6.1ˣ emoji face, grimace, person
63 U+1F630 😰 Emoji u1f630.svg Twemoji 1f630.svg Emojione 1F630.svg Fxemoji u1F630.svg PEO-face with open mouth and cold sweat.svg face with open mouth and cold sweat V6.0ʲ emoji blue, cold, face, mouth, open, person, rushed, sweat
64 U+1F631 😱 Emoji u1f631.svg Twemoji 1f631.svg Emojione 1F631.svg Fxemoji u1F631.svg face screaming in fear V6.0ʲ emoji face, fear, fearful, munch, person, scared, scream
65 U+1F633 😳 Emoji u1f633.svg Twemoji 1f633.svg Emojione 1F633.svg Fxemoji u1F633.svg PEO-flushed.svg flushed face V6.0ʲ emoji dazed, face, flushed, person
66 U+1F635 😵 Emoji u1f635.svg Twemoji 1f635.svg Emojione 1F635.svg Fxemoji u1F635.svg PEO-dizzy face.svg dizzy face V6.0ʲ emoji dizzy, face, person
67 U+1F621 😡 Emoji u1f621.svg Twemoji 1f621.svg Emojione 1F621.svg Fxemoji u1F621.svg PEO-pouting face.svg pouting face V6.0ʲ emoji angry, face, mad, person, pouting, rage, red
68 U+1F620 😠 Emoji u1f620.svg Twemoji 1f620.svg Emojione 1F620.svg Fxemoji u1F620.svg PEO-angry face.svg angry face V6.0ʲ emoji angry, face, mad, person
69 U+1F47F 👿 Emoji u1f47f.svg Twemoji 1f47f.svg Emojione 1F47F.svg Fxemoji u1F47F.svg imp V6.0ʲ emoji devil, face, fairy tale, fantasy, imp, person
70 U+1F608 😈 Emoji u1f608.svg Twemoji 1f608.svg Emojione 1F608.svg Fxemoji u1F608.svg smiling face with horns V6.0ˣ emoji face, fairy tale, fantasy, horns, person, smile
71 U+1F466 👦 Emoji u1f466.svg Twemoji 1f466.svg Emojione 1F466.svg boy V6.0ʲ emoji boy, person
72 U+1F467 👧 Emoji u1f467.svg Twemoji 1f467.svg Emojione 1F467.svg girl V6.0ʲ emoji girl, maiden, person, virgin, virgo, zodiac
73 U+1F468 👨 Emoji u1f468.svg Twemoji 1f468.svg Emojione 1F468.svg man V6.0ʲ emoji man, person
74 U+1F469 👩 Emoji u1f469.svg Twemoji 1f469.svg Emojione 1F469.svg Fxemoji u1F469.svg woman V6.0ʲ emoji person, woman
75 U+1F474 👴 Emoji u1f474.svg Twemoji 1f474.svg Emojione 1F474.svg Fxemoji u1F474.svg older man V6.0ʲ emoji man, old, person
76 U+1F475 👵 Emoji u1f475.svg Twemoji 1f475.svg Emojione 1F475.svg Fxemoji u1F475.svg older woman V6.0ʲ emoji old, person, woman
77 U+1F476 👶 Emoji u1f476.svg Twemoji 1f476.svg Emojione 1F476.svg baby V6.0ʲ emoji baby, person
78 U+1F471 👱 Emoji u1f471.svg Twemoji 1f471.svg Emojione 1F471.svg Fxemoji u1F471.svg person with blond hair V6.0ʲ emoji blond, person
79 U+1F46E 👮 Emoji u1f46e.svg Twemoji 1f46e.svg Emojione 1F46E.svg police officer V6.0ʲ emoji cop, officer, person, police
80 U+1F472 👲 Emoji u1f472.svg Twemoji 1f472.svg Emojione 1F472.svg man with gua pi mao V6.0ʲ emoji gua pi mao, hat, man, person
81 U+1F473 👳 Emoji u1f473.svg Twemoji 1f473.svg Emojione 1F473.svg man with turban V6.0ʲ emoji man, person, turban
82 U+1F477 👷 Emoji u1f477.svg Twemoji 1f477.svg Emojione 1F477.svg construction worker V6.0ʲ emoji construction, hat, person, worker
83 U+26D1 ⛑ helmet with white cross V5.2ª text aid, cross, face, hat, helmet, person
84 U+1F478 👸 Emoji u1f478.svg Twemoji 1f478.svg Emojione 1F478.svg Fxemoji u1F478.svg PEO-princess.svg princess V6.0ʲ emoji fairy tale, fantasy, person, princess
85 U+1F482 💂 Emoji u1f482.svg Twemoji 1f482.svg Emojione 1F482.svg Fxemoji u1F482.svg guardsman V6.0ʲ emoji guard, guardsman, person
86 U+1F385 🎅 Noto Project Santa Claus Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f385.svg Emojione 1F385.svg father christmas V6.0ʲ emoji activity, celebration, christmas, fairy tale, fantasy, father, person, santa
87 U+1F47C 👼 Emoji u1f47c.svg Twemoji 1f47c.svg Emojione 1F47C.svg Fxemoji u1F47C.svg baby angel V6.0ʲ emoji angel, baby, face, fairy tale, fantasy, person
88 U+1F575 🕵 sleuth or spy V7.0ʷ text person, sleuth, spy
89 U+1F46F 👯 Emoji u1f46f.svg Twemoji 1f46f.svg Emojione 1F46F.svg woman with bunny ears V6.0ʲ emoji bunny, dancer, ear, girl, person, woman
90 U+1F486 💆 Emoji u1f486.svg Twemoji 1f486.svg Emojione 1F486.svg Fxemoji u1F486.svg face massage V6.0ʲ emoji massage, person, salon
91 U+1F487 💇 Emoji u1f487.svg Twemoji 1f487.svg Emojione 1F487.svg Fxemoji u1F487.svg haircut V6.0ʲ emoji barber, beauty, haircut, parlor, person
92 U+1F470 👰 Emoji u1f470.svg Twemoji 1f470.svg Emojione 1F470.svg Fxemoji u1F470.svg bride with veil V6.0ʲ emoji bride, person, veil, wedding
93 U+1F64D 🙍 Emoji u1f64d.svg Twemoji 1f64d.svg Emojione 1F64D.svg Fxemoji u1F64D.svg PEO-person frowning.svg person frowning V6.0ʲ emoji frown, gesture, person
94 U+1F64E 🙎 Emoji u1f64e.svg Twemoji 1f64e.svg Emojione 1F64E.svg Fxemoji u1F64E.svg PEO-person with pouting face.svg person with pouting face V6.0ʲ emoji gesture, person, pouting
95 U+1F645 🙅 Emoji u1f645.svg Twemoji 1f645.svg Emojione 1F645.svg Fxemoji u1F645.svg PEO-face with no good gesture.svg face with no good gesture V6.0ʲ emoji forbidden, gesture, hand, no, not, person, prohibited
96 U+1F646 🙆 Emoji u1f646.svg Twemoji 1f646.svg Emojione 1F646.svg Fxemoji u1F646.svg PEO-face with ok gesture.svg face with ok gesture V6.0ʲ emoji gesture, hand, ok, person
97 U+1F481 💁 Emoji u1f481.svg Twemoji 1f481.svg Emojione 1F481.svg Fxemoji u1F481.svg information desk person V6.0ʲ emoji hand, help, information, person, sassy
98 U+1F64B 🙋 Emoji u1f64b.svg Twemoji 1f64b.svg Emojione 1F64B.svg Fxemoji u1F64B.svg PEO-happy person raising one hand.svg happy person raising one hand V6.0ʲ emoji gesture, hand, happy, person, raised
99 U+1F647 🙇 Emoji u1f647.svg Twemoji 1f647.svg Emojione 1F647.svg Fxemoji u1F647.svg PEO-person bowing deeply.svg person bowing deeply V6.0ʲ emoji apology, bow, gesture, person, sorry
100 U+1F64C 🙌 Emoji u1f64c.svg Twemoji 1f64c.svg Emojione 1F64C.svg Fxemoji u1F64C.svg PEO-person raising both hands in celebration.svg person raising both hands in celebration V6.0ʲ emoji body, celebration, gesture, hand, hooray, person, raised
101 U+1F64F 🙏 Emoji u1f64f.svg Twemoji 1f64f.svg Emojione 1F64F.svg Fxemoji u1F64F.svg PEO-person with folded hands.svg person with folded hands V6.0ʲ emoji ask, body, bow, folded, gesture, hand, person, please, pray, thanks
102 U+1F5E3 🗣 speaking head in silhouette V7.0ʷ text face, head, person, silhouette, speak, speaking
103 U+1F464 👤 Emoji u1f464.svg Twemoji 1f464.svg Emojione 1F464.svg Fxemoji u1F464.svg bust in silhouette V6.0ʲ emoji bust, person, silhouette
104 U+1F465 👥 Emoji u1f465.svg Twemoji 1f465.svg Emojione 1F465.svg busts in silhouette V6.0ˣ emoji bust, person, silhouette
105 U+1F6B6 🚶 Emoji u1f6b6.svg Twemoji 1f6b6.svg Emojione 1F6B6.svg Fxemoji u1F6B6.svg pedestrian V6.0ʲ emoji hike, pedestrian, person, walk, walking
106 U+1F3C3 🏃 Emoji u1f3c3.svg Twemoji 1f3c3.svg Emojione 1F3C3.svg runner V6.0ʲ emoji marathon, person, runner, running
107 U+1F483 💃 Emoji u1f483.svg Twemoji 1f483.svg Emojione 1F483.svg Fxemoji u1F483.svg dancer V6.0ʲ emoji dancer, person
108 U+1F574 🕴 man in business suit levitating V7.0ʷ text business, man, person, suit
109 U+1F48F 💏 Emoji u1f48f.svg Twemoji 1f48f.svg Emojione 1F48F.svg Fxemoji u1F48F.svg kiss V6.0ʲ emoji couple, kiss, person, romance
110 U+1F491 💑 Emoji u1f491.svg Twemoji 1f491.svg Emojione 1F491.svg Fxemoji u1F491.svg PEO-couple with heart.svg couple with heart V6.0ʲ emoji couple, heart, love, person, romance
111 U+1F46A 👪 Emoji u1f46a.svg Twemoji 1f46a.svg Emojione 1F46A.svg PEO-family.svg family V6.0ʲʷ emoji child, family, father, mother, person
112 U+1F46B 👫 Emoji u1f46b.svg Twemoji 1f46b.svg Emojione 1F46B.svg PEO-couple holding hands.svg man and woman holding hands V6.0ʲ emoji couple, hand, hold, man, person, woman
113 U+1F46C 👬 Emoji u1f46c.svg Twemoji 1f46c.svg Emojione 1F46C.svg PEO-two men holding hands.svg two men holding hands V6.0ˣ emoji couple, gemini, hand, hold, man, person, twins, zodiac
114 U+1F46D 👭 Emoji u1f46d.svg Twemoji 1f46d.svg Emojione 1F46D.svg Fxemoji u1F46D.svg PEO-two women holding hands.svg two women holding hands V6.0ˣ emoji couple, hand, hold, person, woman
115 U+1F3FB 🏻 emoji modifier fitzpatrick type-1-2 V8.0ˣ emoji emoji modifier, fitzpatrick, skin, symbol, tone
116 U+1F3FC 🏼 emoji modifier fitzpatrick type-3 V8.0ˣ emoji emoji modifier, fitzpatrick, skin, symbol, tone
117 U+1F3FD 🏽 emoji modifier fitzpatrick type-4 V8.0ˣ emoji emoji modifier, fitzpatrick, skin, symbol, tone
118 U+1F3FE 🏾 emoji modifier fitzpatrick type-5 V8.0ˣ emoji emoji modifier, fitzpatrick, skin, symbol, tone
119 U+1F3FF 🏿 emoji modifier fitzpatrick type-6 V8.0ˣ emoji emoji modifier, fitzpatrick, skin, symbol, tone
120 U+1F4AA 💪 Emoji u1f4aa.svg Twemoji 1f4aa.svg Emojione 1F4AA.svg Fxemoji u1F4AA.svg flexed biceps V6.0ʲ emoji biceps, body, comic, flex, muscle, person
121 U+1F448 👈 Emoji u1f448.svg Twemoji 1f448.svg Emojione 1F448.svg white left pointing backhand index V6.0ʲʷ emoji backhand, body, finger, hand, index, person, point
122 U+1F449 👉 Emoji u1f449.svg Twemoji 1f449.svg Emojione 1F449.svg white right pointing backhand index V6.0ʲʷ emoji backhand, body, finger, hand, index, person, point
123 U+261D ☝️ Emoji u261d.svg Twemoji 261d.svg Emojione 261D.svg Fxemoji u261D.svg white up pointing index V1.1ʲʷ text* body, finger, hand, index, person, point, up
124 U+1F446 👆 Emoji u1f446.svg Twemoji 1f446.svg Emojione 1F446.svg white up pointing backhand index V6.0ʲʷ emoji backhand, body, finger, hand, index, person, point, up
125 U+1F595 🖕 reversed hand with middle finger extended V7.0ˣ emoji body, finger, hand, middle finger, person
126 U+1F447 👇 Emoji u1f447.svg Twemoji 1f447.svg Emojione 1F447.svg white down pointing backhand index V6.0ʲʷ emoji backhand, body, down, finger, hand, index, person, point
127 U+270C ✌️ Emoji u270c.svg Twemoji 270c.svg Emojione 270C.svg Fxemoji u270C.svg victory hand V1.1ᶻʲʷ text* body, hand, person, v, victory
128 U+1F596 🖖 raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers V7.0ˣ emoji body, finger, hand, person, spock, vulcan
129 U+1F918 🤘 sign of the horns V8.0ˣ emoji body, finger, hand, horns, person, rock-on
130 U+1F590 🖐 raised hand with fingers splayed V7.0ʷ text body, finger, hand, person, splayed
131 U+270A ✊ Emoji u270a.svg Twemoji 270a.svg Emojione 270A.svg Fxemoji u270A.svg raised fist V6.0ʲ emoji body, clenched, fist, hand, person, punch
132 U+270B ✋ Emoji u270b.svg Twemoji 270b.svg Emojione 270B.svg Fxemoji u270B.svg raised hand V6.0ʲ emoji body, hand, person
133 U+1F44A 👊 Emoji u1f44a.svg Twemoji 1f44a.svg Emojione 1F44A.svg fisted hand sign V6.0ʲ emoji body, clenched, fist, hand, person, punch
134 U+1F44C 👌 Emoji u1f44c.svg Twemoji 1f44c.svg Emojione 1F44C.svg ok hand sign V6.0ʲ emoji body, hand, ok, person
135 U+1F44D 👍 Emoji u1f44d.svg Twemoji 1f44d.svg Emojione 1F44D.svg thumbs up sign V6.0ʲʷ emoji +1, body, hand, person, thumb, thumbs up, up
136 U+1F44E 👎 Emoji u1f44e.svg Twemoji 1f44e.svg Emojione 1F44E.svg thumbs down sign V6.0ʲʷ emoji -1, body, down, hand, person, thumb, thumbs down
137 U+1F44B 👋 Emoji u1f44b.svg Twemoji 1f44b.svg Emojione 1F44B.svg waving hand sign V6.0ʲ emoji body, hand, person, wave, waving
138 U+1F44F 👏 Emoji u1f44f.svg Twemoji 1f44f.svg Emojione 1F44F.svg clapping hands sign V6.0ʲ emoji body, clap, hand, person
139 U+1F450 👐 Emoji u1f450.svg Twemoji 1f450.svg Emojione 1F450.svg open hands sign V6.0ʲ emoji body, hand, open, person
140 U+270D ✍ Emojione 270D.svg writing hand V1.1ᶻʷ text body, education, hand, person, write
141 U+1F485 💅 Emoji u1f485.svg Twemoji 1f485.svg Emojione 1F485.svg Fxemoji u1F485.svg nail polish V6.0ʲ emoji body, care, cosmetics, manicure, nail, person, polish
142 U+1F463 👣 Emoji u1f463.svg Twemoji 1f463.svg Emojione 1F463.svg footprints V6.0ʲ emoji body, clothing, footprint, person, print
143 U+1F440 👀 Emoji u1f440.svg Twemoji 1f440.svg Emojione 1F440.svg eyes V6.0ʲ emoji body, eye, face, person
144 U+1F441 👁 eye V7.0ʷ text body, eye, person
145 U+1F442 👂 Emoji u1f442.svg Twemoji 1f442.svg Emojione 1F442.svg ear V6.0ʲʷ emoji body, ear, person
146 U+1F443 👃 Emoji u1f443.svg Twemoji 1f443.svg Emojione 1F443.svg nose V6.0ʲ emoji body, nose, person
147 U+1F445 👅 Emoji u1f445.svg Twemoji 1f445.svg Emojione 1F445.svg tongue V6.0ʲ emoji body, person, tongue
148 U+1F444 👄 Emoji u1f444.svg Twemoji 1f444.svg Emojione 1F444.svg mouth V6.0ʲ emoji body, lips, mouth, person
149 U+1F48B 💋 Emoji u1f48b.svg Twemoji 1f48b.svg Emojione 1F48B.svg Fxemoji u1F48B.svg kiss mark V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, kiss, lips, mark, person, romance
150 U+1F498 💘 Emoji u1f498.svg Twemoji 1f498.svg Emojione 1F498.svg Fxemoji u1F498.svg heart with arrow V6.0ʲ emoji arrow, cupid, emotion, heart, person, romance
151 U+2764 ❤️ Emoji u2764.svg Twemoji 2764.svg Emojione 2764.svg Fxemoji u2764.svg PEO-heart.svg heavy black heart V1.1ᶻʲ text* emotion, heart, person
152 U+1F493 💓 Emoji u1f493.svg Twemoji 1f493.svg Emojione 1F493.svg Fxemoji u1F493.svg PEO-heartbeat-0.svg beating heart V6.0ʲ emoji beating, emotion, heart, heartbeat, person, pulsating
153 U+1F494 💔 Emoji u1f494.svg Twemoji 1f494.svg Emojione 1F494.svg Fxemoji u1F494.svg broken heart V6.0ʲ emoji break, broken, emotion, heart, person
154 U+1F495 💕 Emoji u1f495.svg Twemoji 1f495.svg Emojione 1F495.svg Fxemoji u1F495.svg two hearts V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, love, person
155 U+1F496 💖 Emoji u1f496.svg Twemoji 1f496.svg Emojione 1F496.svg Fxemoji u1F496.svg sparkling heart V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, excited, heart, person, sparkle
156 U+1F497 💗 Emoji u1f497.svg Twemoji 1f497.svg Emojione 1F497.svg Fxemoji u1F497.svg growing heart V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, excited, growing, heart, heartpulse, nervous, person
157 U+1F499 💙 Emoji u1f499.svg Twemoji 1f499.svg Emojione 1F499.svg Fxemoji u1F499.svg blue heart V6.0ʲ emoji blue, emotion, heart, person
158 U+1F49A 💚 Emoji u1f49a.svg Twemoji 1f49a.svg Emojione 1F49A.svg Fxemoji u1F49A.svg green heart V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, green, heart, person
159 U+1F49B 💛 Emoji u1f49b.svg Twemoji 1f49b.svg Emojione 1F49B.svg Fxemoji u1F49B.svg yellow heart V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, person, yellow
160 U+1F49C 💜 Emoji u1f49c.svg Twemoji 1f49c.svg Emojione 1F49C.svg Fxemoji u1F49C.svg purple heart V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, person, purple
161 U+1F49D 💝 Emoji u1f49d.svg Twemoji 1f49d.svg Emojione 1F49D.svg heart with ribbon V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, object, person, ribbon, valentine
162 U+1F49E 💞 Emoji u1f49e.svg Twemoji 1f49e.svg Emojione 1F49E.svg Fxemoji u1F49E.svg revolving hearts V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, person, revolving
163 U+1F49F 💟 Emoji u1f49f.svg Twemoji 1f49f.svg Emojione 1F49F.svg Fxemoji u1F49F.svg heart decoration V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, person, symbol
164 U+2763 ❣ heavy heart exclamation mark ornament V1.1ᶻ text emotion, exclamation, heart, mark, punctuation, symbol
165 U+1F48C 💌 Emoji u1f48c.svg Twemoji 1f48c.svg Emojione 1F48C.svg Fxemoji u1F48C.svg love letter V6.0ʲ emoji emotion, heart, letter, love, mail, person, romance
166 U+1F4A7 💧 Emoji u1f4a7.svg Twemoji 1f4a7.svg Emojione 1F4A7.svg Fxemoji u1F4A7.svg droplet V6.0ʲ emoji cold, comic, drop, emotion, nature, object, person, sweat, weather
167 U+1F4A4 💤 Emoji u1f4a4.svg Twemoji 1f4a4.svg Emojione 1F4A4.svg Fxemoji u1F4A4.svg sleeping symbol V6.0ʲ emoji comic, emotion, person, sleep, symbol, word, zzz
168 U+1F4A2 💢 Emoji u1f4a2.svg Twemoji 1f4a2.svg Emojione 1F4A2.svg Fxemoji u1F4A2.svg anger symbol V6.0ʲ emoji angry, comic, emotion, mad, person, symbol
169 U+1F4A3 💣 Emoji u1f4a3.svg Twemoji 1f4a3.svg Emojione 1F4A3.svg bomb V6.0ʲʷ emoji bomb, comic, object
170 U+1F4A5 💥 Emoji u1f4a5.svg Twemoji 1f4a5.svg Emojione 1F4A5.svg Fxemoji u1F4A5.svg collision symbol V6.0ʲ emoji boom, collision, comic, emotion, person
171 U+1F4A6 💦 Emoji u1f4a6.svg Twemoji 1f4a6.svg Emojione 1F4A6.svg Fxemoji u1F4A6.svg splashing sweat symbol V6.0ʲ emoji comic, emotion, object, person, splashing, sweat
172 U+1F4A8 💨 Emoji u1f4a8.svg Twemoji 1f4a8.svg Emojione 1F4A8.svg Fxemoji u1F4A8.svg dash symbol V6.0ʲ emoji comic, dash, emotion, object, person, running
173 U+1F4AB 💫 Emoji u1f4ab.svg Twemoji 1f4ab.svg Emojione 1F4AB.svg Fxemoji u1F4AB.svg dizzy symbol V6.0ʲ emoji comic, dizzy, emotion, person, star
174 U+1F4AC 💬 Emoji u1f4ac.svg Twemoji 1f4ac.svg Emojione 1F4AC.svg Fxemoji u1F4AC.svg PEO-speech balloon.svg speech balloon V6.0ʲ emoji balloon, bubble, comic, dialog, emotion, object, person, speech
175 U+1F5EF 🗯 right anger bubble V7.0ʷ text angry, balloon, bubble, emotion, mad, symbol
176 U+1F4AD 💭 Emoji u1f4ad.svg Twemoji 1f4ad.svg Emojione 1F4AD.svg Fxemoji u1F4AD.svg thought balloon V6.0ˣ emoji balloon, bubble, comic, emotion, object, person, thought
177 U+1F573 🕳 hole V7.0ʷ text hole, symbol
178 U+1F453 👓 Emoji u1f453.svg Twemoji 1f453.svg Emojione 1F453.svg eyeglasses V6.0ʲʷ emoji clothing, eye, eyeglasses, eyewear, glasses, object, person
179 U+1F576 🕶 dark sunglasses V7.0ʷ text dark, eye, eyewear, glasses, object, sunglasses
180 U+1F454 👔 Emoji u1f454.svg Twemoji 1f454.svg Emojione 1F454.svg necktie V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, necktie, object, person
181 U+1F455 👕 Emoji u1f455.svg Twemoji 1f455.svg Emojione 1F455.svg t-shirt V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, object, person, shirt, tshirt
182 U+1F456 👖 Emoji u1f456.svg Twemoji 1f456.svg Emojione 1F456.svg jeans V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, jeans, object, pants, person, trousers
183 U+1F457 👗 Emoji u1f457.svg Twemoji 1f457.svg Emojione 1F457.svg dress V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, dress, object, person
184 U+1F458 👘 Emoji u1f458.svg Twemoji 1f458.svg Emojione 1F458.svg kimono V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, kimono, object, person
185 U+1F459 👙 Emoji u1f459.svg Twemoji 1f459.svg Emojione 1F459.svg bikini V6.0ʲ emoji bikini, clothing, object, person, swim
186 U+1F45A 👚 Emoji u1f45a.svg Twemoji 1f45a.svg Emojione 1F45A.svg womans clothes V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, object, person, woman
187 U+1F45B 👛 Emoji u1f45b.svg Twemoji 1f45b.svg Emojione 1F45B.svg purse V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, coin, object, person, purse
188 U+1F45C 👜 Emoji u1f45c.svg Twemoji 1f45c.svg Emojione 1F45C.svg handbag V6.0ʲ emoji bag, clothing, handbag, object, person
189 U+1F45D 👝 Emoji u1f45d.svg Twemoji 1f45d.svg Emojione 1F45D.svg pouch V6.0ʲ emoji bag, clothing, object, person, pouch
190 U+1F6CD 🛍 shopping bags V7.0ʷ text bag, hotel, object, shopping
191 U+1F392 🎒 Emoji u1f392.svg Twemoji 1f392.svg Emojione 1F392.svg Fxemoji u1F392.svg school satchel V6.0ʲ emoji activity, bag, education, object, satchel, school
192 U+1F45E 👞 Emoji u1f45e.svg Twemoji 1f45e.svg Emojione 1F45E.svg mans shoe V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, man, object, person, shoe
193 U+1F45F 👟 Emoji u1f45f.svg Twemoji 1f45f.svg Emojione 1F45F.svg athletic shoe V6.0ʲ emoji athletic, clothing, object, person, shoe, sneaker
194 U+1F460 👠 Emoji u1f460.svg Twemoji 1f460.svg Emojione 1F460.svg high-heeled shoe V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, heel, object, person, shoe, woman
195 U+1F461 👡 Emoji u1f461.svg Twemoji 1f461.svg Emojione 1F461.svg womans sandal V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, object, person, sandal, shoe, woman
196 U+1F462 👢 Emoji u1f462.svg Twemoji 1f462.svg Emojione 1F462.svg Fxemoji u1F462.svg womans boots V6.0ʲ emoji boot, clothing, object, person, shoe, woman
197 U+1F451 👑 Emoji u1f451.svg Twemoji 1f451.svg Emojione 1F451.svg crown V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, crown, king, object, person, queen
198 U+1F452 👒 Emoji u1f452.svg Twemoji 1f452.svg Emojione 1F452.svg womans hat V6.0ʲ emoji clothing, hat, object, person, woman
199 U+1F3A9 🎩 Emoji u1f3a9.svg Twemoji 1f3a9.svg Emojione 1F3A9.svg top hat V6.0ʲ emoji activity, clothing, entertainment, hat, object, person, top, tophat
200 U+1F4FF 📿 prayer beads V8.0ˣ emoji beads, clothing, necklace, object, person, prayer, religion
201 U+1F484 💄 Emoji u1f484.svg Twemoji 1f484.svg Emojione 1F484.svg Fxemoji u1F484.svg lipstick V6.0ʲ emoji cosmetics, lipstick, makeup, object, person
202 U+1F48D 💍 Emoji u1f48d.svg Twemoji 1f48d.svg Emojione 1F48D.svg Fxemoji u1F48D.svg ring V6.0ʲ emoji diamond, emotion, object, person, ring, romance
203 U+1F48E 💎 Emoji u1f48e.svg Twemoji 1f48e.svg Emojione 1F48E.svg Fxemoji u1F48E.svg gem stone V6.0ʲ emoji diamond, emotion, gem, jewel, object, person, romance
204 U+1F479 👹 Emoji u1f479.svg Twemoji 1f479.svg Emojione 1F479.svg Fxemoji u1F479.svg japanese ogre V6.0ʲ emoji creature, face, fairy tale, fantasy, japanese, monster, ogre, person
205 U+1F47A 👺 Emoji u1f47a.svg Twemoji 1f47a.svg Emojione 1F47A.svg Fxemoji u1F47A.svg japanese goblin V6.0ʲ emoji creature, face, fairy tale, fantasy, goblin, japanese, monster, person
206 U+1F47B 👻 Emoji u1f47b.svg Twemoji 1f47b.svg Emojione 1F47B.svg ghost V6.0ʲ emoji creature, face, fairy tale, fantasy, ghost, monster, person
207 U+1F480 💀 Emoji u1f480.svg Twemoji 1f480.svg Emojione 1F480.svg Fxemoji u1F480.svg PEO-skull.svg skull V6.0ʲ emoji body, death, face, fairy tale, monster, person, skull
208 U+2620 ☠ skull and crossbones V1.1ˣ text body, crossbones, death, face, monster, person, skull
209 U+1F47D 👽 Emoji u1f47d.svg Twemoji 1f47d.svg Emojione 1F47D.svg Fxemoji u1F47D.svg extraterrestrial alien V6.0ʲʷ emoji alien, creature, extraterrestrial, face, fairy tale, fantasy, monster, nature, person, space, ufo
210 U+1F47E 👾 Emoji u1f47e.svg Twemoji 1f47e.svg Emojione 1F47E.svg alien monster V6.0ʲ emoji alien, creature, extraterrestrial, face, fairy tale, fantasy, monster, nature, person, space, ufo
211 U+1F916 🤖 robot face V8.0ˣ emoji face, monster, person, robot
212 U+1F4A9 💩 Emoji u1f4a9.svg Twemoji 1f4a9.svg Emojione 1F4A9.svg Fxemoji u1F4A9.svg PEO-poop.svg pile of poo V6.0ʲ emoji comic, dung, face, monster, nature, object, poo, poop
213 U+1F435 🐵 Emoji u1f435.svg Twemoji 1f435.svg Emojione 1F435.svg monkey face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, monkey, nature
214 U+1F648 🙈 Emoji u1f648.svg Twemoji 1f648.svg Emojione 1F648.svg Fxemoji u1F648.svg PEO-see no evil monkey.svg see-no-evil monkey V6.0ʲ emoji animal, evil, face, forbidden, gesture, monkey, nature, no, not, prohibited, see
215 U+1F649 🙉 Emoji u1f649.svg Twemoji 1f649.svg Emojione 1F649.svg Fxemoji u1F649.svg PEO-hear no evil monkey.svg hear-no-evil monkey V6.0ʲ emoji animal, evil, face, forbidden, gesture, hear, monkey, nature, no, not, prohibited
216 U+1F64A 🙊 Emoji u1f64a.svg Twemoji 1f64a.svg Emojione 1F64A.svg Fxemoji u1F64A.svg PEO-speak no evil monkey.svg speak-no-evil monkey V6.0ʲ emoji animal, evil, face, forbidden, gesture, monkey, nature, no, not, prohibited, speak
217 U+1F412 🐒 Emoji u1f412.svg Twemoji 1f412.svg Emojione 1F412.svg monkey V6.0ʲ emoji animal, monkey, nature
218 U+1F436 🐶 Emoji u1f436.svg Twemoji 1f436.svg Emojione 1F436.svg dog face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, dog, face, nature, pet
219 U+1F415 🐕 Emoji u1f415.svg Twemoji 1f415.svg Emojione 1F415.svg dog V6.0ʷ emoji animal, dog, nature, pet
220 U+1F429 🐩 Emoji u1f429.svg Twemoji 1f429.svg Emojione 1F429.svg poodle V6.0ʲ emoji animal, dog, nature, poodle
221 U+1F43A 🐺 Emoji u1f43a.svg Twemoji 1f43a.svg Emojione 1F43A.svg PEO-wolf face.svg wolf face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, nature, wolf
222 U+1F431 🐱 Emoji u1f431.svg Twemoji 1f431.svg Emojione 1F431.svg PEO-cat face.svg cat face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, face, nature, pet
223 U+1F638 😸 Emoji u1f638.svg Twemoji 1f638.svg Emojione 1F638.svg Fxemoji u1F638.svg PEO-grinning cat face with smiling eyes.svg grinning cat face with smiling eyes V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, eye, face, grin, nature, smile
224 U+1F639 😹 Emoji u1f639.svg Twemoji 1f639.svg Emojione 1F639.svg Fxemoji u1F639.svg PEO-cat face with tears of joy.svg cat face with tears of joy V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, face, joy, nature, tear
225 U+1F63A 😺 Emoji u1f63a.svg Twemoji 1f63a.svg Emojione 1F63A.svg Fxemoji u1F63A.svg PEO-smiling cat face with open mouth.svg smiling cat face with open mouth V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, face, mouth, nature, open, smile
226 U+1F63B 😻 Emoji u1f63b.svg Twemoji 1f63b.svg Emojione 1F63B.svg Fxemoji u1F63B.svg smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, eye, face, heart, love, nature, smile
227 U+1F63C 😼 Emoji u1f63c.svg Twemoji 1f63c.svg Emojione 1F63C.svg Fxemoji u1F63C.svg PEO-cat face with wry smile.svg cat face with wry smile V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, face, ironic, nature, smile, wry
228 U+1F63D 😽 Emoji u1f63d.svg Twemoji 1f63d.svg Emojione 1F63D.svg Fxemoji u1F63D.svg PEO-kissing cat face with closed eyes.svg kissing cat face with closed eyes V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, eye, face, kiss, nature
229 U+1F63E 😾 Emoji u1f63e.svg Twemoji 1f63e.svg Emojione 1F63E.svg Fxemoji u1F63E.svg PEO-pouting cat face.svg pouting cat face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, face, nature, pouting
230 U+1F63F 😿 Emoji u1f63f.svg Twemoji 1f63f.svg Emojione 1F63F.svg Fxemoji u1F63F.svg PEO-crying cat face.svg crying cat face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, cry, face, nature, sad, tear
231 U+1F640 🙀 Emoji u1f640.svg Twemoji 1f640.svg Emojione 1F640.svg Fxemoji u1F640.svg PEO-weary cat face.svg weary cat face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cat, face, nature, oh, surprised, weary
232 U+1F408 🐈 Emoji u1f408.svg Twemoji 1f408.svg Emojione 1F408.svg cat V6.0ʷ emoji animal, cat, nature, pet
233 U+1F981 🦁 lion face V8.0ˣ emoji animal, face, leo, lion, nature, zodiac
234 U+1F42F 🐯 Emoji u1f42f.svg Twemoji 1f42f.svg Emojione 1F42F.svg tiger face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, nature, tiger
235 U+1F405 🐅 Emoji u1f405.svg Twemoji 1f405.svg Emojione 1F405.svg tiger V6.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, tiger
236 U+1F406 🐆 Emoji u1f406.svg Twemoji 1f406.svg Emojione 1F406.svg leopard V6.0ˣ emoji animal, leopard, nature
237 U+1F434 🐴 Emoji u1f434.svg Twemoji 1f434.svg Emojione 1F434.svg PEO-horse.svg horse face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, horse, nature
238 U+1F40E 🐎 Emoji u1f40e.svg Twemoji 1f40e.svg Emojione 1F40E.svg horse V6.0ʲ emoji animal, horse, nature, place, racehorse, racing
239 U+1F984 🦄 unicorn face V8.0ˣ emoji animal, face, nature, unicorn
240 U+1F42E 🐮 Emoji u1f42e.svg Twemoji 1f42e.svg Emojione 1F42E.svg cow face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, cow, face, nature
241 U+1F402 🐂 Emoji u1f402.svg Twemoji 1f402.svg Emojione 1F402.svg ox V6.0ˣ emoji animal, bull, nature, ox, taurus, zodiac
242 U+1F403 🐃 Emoji u1f403.svg Twemoji 1f403.svg Emojione 1F403.svg water buffalo V6.0ˣ emoji animal, buffalo, nature, water
243 U+1F404 🐄 Emoji u1f404.svg Twemoji 1f404.svg Emojione 1F404.svg cow V6.0ˣ emoji animal, cow, nature
244 U+1F437 🐷 Emoji u1f437.svg Twemoji 1f437.svg Emojione 1F437.svg pig face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, nature, pig
245 U+1F416 🐖 Emoji u1f416.svg Twemoji 1f416.svg Emojione 1F416.svg pig V6.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, pig, sow
246 U+1F417 🐗 Emoji u1f417.svg Twemoji 1f417.svg Emojione 1F417.svg PEO-boar.svg boar V6.0ʲ emoji animal, boar, nature, pig
247 U+1F43D 🐽 Emoji u1f43d.svg Twemoji 1f43d.svg Emojione 1F43D.svg pig nose V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, nature, nose, pig
248 U+1F40F 🐏 Emoji u1f40f.svg Twemoji 1f40f.svg Emojione 1F40F.svg ram V6.0ˣ emoji animal, aries, nature, ram, sheep, zodiac
249 U+1F411 🐑 Emoji u1f411.svg Twemoji 1f411.svg Emojione 1F411.svg sheep V6.0ʲ emoji animal, ewe, nature, sheep
250 U+1F410 🐐 Emoji u1f410.svg Twemoji 1f410.svg Emojione 1F410.svg goat V6.0ˣ emoji animal, capricorn, goat, nature, zodiac
251 U+1F42A 🐪 Emoji u1f42a.svg Twemoji 1f42a.svg Emojione 1F42A.svg dromedary camel V6.0ˣ emoji animal, camel, dromedary, hump, nature
252 U+1F42B 🐫 Emoji u1f42b.svg Twemoji 1f42b.svg Emojione 1F42B.svg PEO-bactrian camel.svg bactrian camel V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bactrian, camel, hump, nature
253 U+1F418 🐘 Emoji u1f418.svg Twemoji 1f418.svg Emojione 1F418.svg PEO-elephant.svg elephant V6.0ʲ emoji animal, elephant, nature
254 U+1F42D 🐭 Emoji u1f42d.svg Twemoji 1f42d.svg Emojione 1F42D.svg mouse face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, mouse, nature
255 U+1F401 🐁 Emoji u1f401.svg Twemoji 1f401.svg Emojione 1F401.svg mouse V6.0ˣ emoji animal, mouse, nature
256 U+1F400 🐀 Emoji u1f400.svg Twemoji 1f400.svg Emojione 1F400.svg rat V6.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, rat
257 U+1F439 🐹 Emoji u1f439.svg Twemoji 1f439.svg Emojione 1F439.svg hamster face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, hamster, nature, pet
258 U+1F430 🐰 Emoji u1f430.svg Twemoji 1f430.svg Emojione 1F430.svg rabbit face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bunny, face, nature, pet, rabbit
259 U+1F407 🐇 Emoji u1f407.svg Twemoji 1f407.svg Emojione 1F407.svg rabbit V6.0ˣ emoji animal, bunny, nature, pet, rabbit
260 U+1F43F 🐿 chipmunk V7.0ʷ text animal, chipmunk, nature
261 U+1F43B 🐻 Emoji u1f43b.svg Twemoji 1f43b.svg Emojione 1F43B.svg bear face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bear, face, nature
262 U+1F428 🐨 Emoji u1f428.svg Twemoji 1f428.svg Emojione 1F428.svg PEO-koala.svg koala V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bear, koala, nature
263 U+1F43C 🐼 Emoji u1f43c.svg Twemoji 1f43c.svg Emojione 1F43C.svg panda face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, nature, panda
264 U+1F43E 🐾 Emoji u1f43e.svg Twemoji 1f43e.svg Emojione 1F43E.svg PEO-paw prints.svg paw prints V6.0ʲ emoji animal, feet, nature, paw, print
265 U+1F983 🦃 turkey V8.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, turkey
266 U+1F414 🐔 Emoji u1f414.svg Twemoji 1f414.svg Emojione 1F414.svg PEO-chicken.svg chicken V6.0ʲ emoji animal, chicken, nature
267 U+1F413 🐓 Emoji u1f413.svg Twemoji 1f413.svg Emojione 1F413.svg rooster V6.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, rooster
268 U+1F423 🐣 Emoji u1f423.svg Twemoji 1f423.svg Emojione 1F423.svg hatching chick V6.0ʲ emoji animal, baby, chick, hatching, nature
269 U+1F424 🐤 Emoji u1f424.svg Twemoji 1f424.svg Emojione 1F424.svg baby chick V6.0ʲ emoji animal, baby, chick, nature
270 U+1F425 🐥 Emoji u1f425.svg Twemoji 1f425.svg Emojione 1F425.svg front-facing baby chick V6.0ʲ emoji animal, baby, chick, nature
271 U+1F426 🐦 Emoji u1f426.svg Twemoji 1f426.svg Emojione 1F426.svg bird V6.0ʲʷ emoji animal, bird, nature
272 U+1F427 🐧 Emoji u1f427.svg Twemoji 1f427.svg Emojione 1F427.svg PEO-penguin.svg penguin V6.0ʲ emoji animal, nature, penguin
273 U+1F54A 🕊 dove of peace V7.0ʷ text animal, bird, dove, fly, nature, peace
274 U+1F438 🐸 Emoji u1f438.svg Twemoji 1f438.svg Emojione 1F438.svg frog face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, frog, nature
275 U+1F40A 🐊 Emoji u1f40a.svg Twemoji 1f40a.svg Emojione 1F40A.svg crocodile V6.0ˣ emoji animal, crocodile, nature
276 U+1F422 🐢 Emoji u1f422.svg Twemoji 1f422.svg Emojione 1F422.svg Fxemoji u1F422.svg turtle V6.0ʲ emoji animal, nature, turtle
277 U+1F40D 🐍 Emoji u1f40d.svg Twemoji 1f40d.svg Emojione 1F40D.svg PEO-snake.svg snake V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bearer, nature, ophiuchus, serpent, snake, zodiac
278 U+1F432 🐲 Emoji u1f432.svg Twemoji 1f432.svg Emojione 1F432.svg dragon face V6.0ʲ emoji animal, dragon, face, fairy tale, nature
279 U+1F409 🐉 Emoji u1f409.svg Twemoji 1f409.svg Emojione 1F409.svg dragon V6.0ˣ emoji animal, dragon, fairy tale, nature
280 U+1F433 🐳 Emoji u1f433.svg Twemoji 1f433.svg Emojione 1F433.svg PEO-spouting whale.svg spouting whale V6.0ʲ emoji animal, face, nature, spouting, whale
281 U+1F40B 🐋 Emoji u1f40b.svg Twemoji 1f40b.svg Emojione 1F40B.svg whale V6.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, whale
282 U+1F42C 🐬 Emoji u1f42c.svg Twemoji 1f42c.svg Emojione 1F42C.svg dolphin V6.0ʲ emoji animal, dolphin, flipper, nature
283 U+1F41F 🐟 Emoji u1f41f.svg Twemoji 1f41f.svg Emojione 1F41F.svg fish V6.0ʲʷ emoji animal, fish, nature, pisces, zodiac
284 U+1F420 🐠 Emoji u1f420.svg Twemoji 1f420.svg Emojione 1F420.svg tropical fish V6.0ʲ emoji animal, fish, nature, tropical
285 U+1F421 🐡 Emoji u1f421.svg Twemoji 1f421.svg Emojione 1F421.svg PEO-blowfish.svg blowfish V6.0ʲ emoji animal, blowfish, fish, nature
286 U+1F419 🐙 Emoji u1f419.svg Twemoji 1f419.svg Emojione 1F419.svg PEO-octopus.svg octopus V6.0ʲ emoji animal, nature, octopus
287 U+1F41A 🐚 Emoji u1f41a.svg Twemoji 1f41a.svg Emojione 1F41A.svg spiral shell V6.0ʲ emoji animal, nature, shell, spiral
288 U+1F980 🦀 crab V8.0ˣ emoji animal, cancer, crab, nature, zodiac
289 U+1F40C 🐌 Emoji u1f40c.svg Twemoji 1f40c.svg Emojione 1F40C.svg PEO-snail.svg snail V6.0ʲ emoji animal, nature, snail
290 U+1F41B 🐛 Emoji u1f41b.svg Twemoji 1f41b.svg Emojione 1F41B.svg bug V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bug, insect, nature
291 U+1F41C 🐜 Emoji u1f41c.svg Twemoji 1f41c.svg Emojione 1F41C.svg ant V6.0ʲ emoji animal, ant, insect, nature
292 U+1F41D 🐝 Emoji u1f41d.svg Twemoji 1f41d.svg Emojione 1F41D.svg honeybee V6.0ʲ emoji animal, bee, honeybee, insect, nature
293 U+1F41E 🐞 Emoji u1f41e.svg Twemoji 1f41e.svg Emojione 1F41E.svg lady beetle V6.0ʲ emoji animal, beetle, insect, lady beetle, ladybird, ladybug, nature
294 U+1F577 🕷 spider V7.0ʷ text animal, insect, object, spider
295 U+1F578 🕸 spider web V7.0ʷ text animal, object, spider, web
296 U+1F982 🦂 scorpion V8.0ˣ emoji animal, nature, scorpio, scorpion, scorpius, zodiac
297 U+1F490 💐 Emoji u1f490.svg Twemoji 1f490.svg Emojione 1F490.svg bouquet V6.0ʲ emoji bouquet, flower, nature, object, place, plant, romance
298 U+1F338 🌸 Emoji u1f338.svg Twemoji 1f338.svg Emojione 1F338.svg cherry blossom V6.0ʲ emoji blossom, cherry, flower, nature, plant
299 U+1F4AE 💮 Emoji u1f4ae.svg Twemoji 1f4ae.svg Emojione 1F4AE.svg Fxemoji u1F4AE.svg white flower V6.0ʲ emoji flower, object, symbol
300 U+1F3F5 🏵 rosette V7.0ʷ text nature, plant, rosette
301 U+1F339 🌹 Emoji u1f339.svg Twemoji 1f339.svg Emojione 1F339.svg rose V6.0ʲ emoji flower, nature, plant, rose
302 U+1F33A 🌺 Emoji u1f33a.svg Twemoji 1f33a.svg Emojione 1F33A.svg hibiscus V6.0ʲ emoji flower, hibiscus, nature, plant
303 U+1F33B 🌻 Emoji u1f33b.svg Twemoji 1f33b.svg Emojione 1F33B.svg sunflower V6.0ʲ emoji flower, nature, plant, sun, sunflower
304 U+1F33C 🌼 Emoji u1f33c.svg Twemoji 1f33c.svg Emojione 1F33C.svg blossom V6.0ʲ emoji blossom, flower, nature, plant
305 U+1F337 🌷 Emoji u1f337.svg Twemoji 1f337.svg Emojione 1F337.svg tulip V6.0ʲ emoji flower, nature, plant, tulip
306 U+2618 ☘ shamrock V4.1ˣ text nature, plant, shamrock
307 U+1F331 🌱 Emoji u1f331.svg Twemoji 1f331.svg Emojione 1F331.svg seedling V6.0ʲ emoji nature, plant, seedling, young
308 U+1F332 🌲 Emoji u1f332.svg Twemoji 1f332.svg Emojione 1F332.svg evergreen tree V6.0ˣ emoji evergreen, nature, plant, tree
309 U+1F333 🌳 Emoji u1f333.svg Twemoji 1f333.svg Emojione 1F333.svg deciduous tree V6.0ˣ emoji deciduous, nature, plant, shedding, tree
310 U+1F334 🌴 Emoji u1f334.svg Twemoji 1f334.svg Emojione 1F334.svg palm tree V6.0ʲ emoji nature, palm, plant, tree
311 U+1F335 🌵 Emoji u1f335.svg Twemoji 1f335.svg Emojione 1F335.svg PEO-cactus.svg cactus V6.0ʲ emoji cactus, nature, plant
312 U+1F33E 🌾 Emoji u1f33e.svg Twemoji 1f33e.svg Emojione 1F33E.svg ear of rice V6.0ʲ emoji ear, nature, plant, rice
313 U+1F33F 🌿 Emoji u1f33f.svg Twemoji 1f33f.svg Emojione 1F33F.svg herb V6.0ʲ emoji herb, leaf, nature, plant
314 U+1F340 🍀 Emoji u1f340.svg Twemoji 1f340.svg Emojione 1F340.svg four leaf clover V6.0ʲ emoji 4, clover, four, leaf, nature, plant
315 U+1F341 🍁 Emoji u1f341.svg Twemoji 1f341.svg Emojione 1F341.svg maple leaf V6.0ʲ emoji falling, leaf, maple, nature, plant
316 U+1F342 🍂 Emoji u1f342.svg Twemoji 1f342.svg Emojione 1F342.svg fallen leaf V6.0ʲ emoji falling, leaf, nature, plant
317 U+1F343 🍃 Emoji u1f343.svg Twemoji 1f343.svg Emojione 1F343.svg leaf fluttering in wind V6.0ʲ emoji blow, flutter, leaf, nature, plant, wind
318 U+1F347 🍇 Noto Project Grapes Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f347.svg Emojione 1F347.svg grapes V6.0ʲ emoji food, fruit, grape, nature, object, plant
319 U+1F348 🍈 Emoji u1f348.svg Twemoji 1f348.svg Emojione 1F348.svg melon V6.0ʲ emoji food, fruit, melon, nature, object, plant
320 U+1F349 🍉 Noto Project Watermelon Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f349.svg Emojione 1F349.svg Fxemoji u1F349.svg watermelon V6.0ʲ emoji food, fruit, nature, object, plant, watermelon
321 U+1F34A 🍊 Emoji u1f34a.svg Twemoji 1f34a.svg Emojione 1F34A.svg PEO-tangerine.svg tangerine V6.0ʲ emoji food, fruit, nature, object, orange, plant, tangerine
322 U+1F34B 🍋 Emoji u1f34b.svg Twemoji 1f34b.svg Emojione 1F34B.svg lemon V6.0ˣ emoji citrus, food, fruit, lemon, nature, object, plant
323 U+1F34C 🍌 Emoji u1f34c.svg Twemoji 1f34c.svg Emojione 1F34C.svg banana V6.0ʲ emoji banana, food, fruit, nature, object, plant
324 U+1F34D 🍍 Noto Project Pineapple Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f34d.svg Emojione 1F34D.svg Fxemoji u1F34D.svg pineapple V6.0ʲ emoji food, fruit, nature, object, pineapple, plant
325 U+1F34E 🍎 Emoji u1f34e.svg Twemoji 1f34e.svg Emojione 1F34E.svg red apple V6.0ʲ emoji apple, food, fruit, nature, object, plant, red
326 U+1F34F 🍏 Emoji u1f34f.svg Twemoji 1f34f.svg Emojione 1F34F.svg green apple V6.0ʲ emoji apple, food, fruit, green, nature, object, plant
327 U+1F350 🍐 Emoji u1f350.svg Twemoji 1f350.svg Emojione 1F350.svg pear V6.0ˣ emoji food, fruit, nature, object, pear, plant
328 U+1F351 🍑 Emoji u1f351.svg Twemoji 1f351.svg Emojione 1F351.svg peach V6.0ʲ emoji food, fruit, nature, object, peach, plant
329 U+1F352 🍒 Noto Project Cherries Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f352.svg Emojione 1F352.svg cherries V6.0ʲ emoji cherry, food, fruit, nature, object, plant
330 U+1F353 🍓 Noto Project Strawberry Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f353.svg Emojione 1F353.svg strawberry V6.0ʲ emoji berry, food, fruit, nature, object, plant, strawberry
331 U+1F345 🍅 Noto Project Tomato Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f345.svg Emojione 1F345.svg Fxemoji u1F345.svg tomato V6.0ʲ emoji food, nature, object, plant, tomato, vegetable
332 U+1F346 🍆 Noto Project Eggplant Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f346.svg Emojione 1F346.svg aubergine V6.0ʲ emoji aubergine, eggplant, food, nature, object, plant, vegetable
333 U+1F33D 🌽 Noto Project Corn Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f33d.svg Emojione 1F33D.svg ear of maize V6.0ʲ emoji corn, ear, maize, maze, nature, object, plant
334 U+1F336 🌶 hot pepper V7.0ʷ text food, hot, nature, pepper, plant
335 U+1F344 🍄 Emoji u1f344.svg Twemoji 1f344.svg Emojione 1F344.svg mushroom V6.0ʲ emoji mushroom, nature, plant
336 U+1F330 🌰 Emoji u1f330.svg Twemoji 1f330.svg Emojione 1F330.svg chestnut V6.0ʲ emoji chestnut, nature, plant
337 U+1F35E 🍞 Noto Project Bread Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f35e.svg Emojione 1F35E.svg bread V6.0ʲ emoji bread, food, loaf, nature, object, restaurant
338 U+1F9C0 🧀 cheese wedge V8.0ˣ emoji cheese, food, nature
339 U+1F356 🍖 Emoji u1f356.svg Twemoji 1f356.svg Emojione 1F356.svg meat on bone V6.0ʲ emoji bone, food, meat, nature, object, restaurant
340 U+1F357 🍗 Noto Project Poultry Leg Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f357.svg Emojione 1F357.svg poultry leg V6.0ʲ emoji bone, chicken, food, leg, nature, object, poultry, restaurant
341 U+1F354 🍔 Noto Project Hamburger Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f354.svg Emojione 1F354.svg PEO-hamburger.svg hamburger V6.0ʲ emoji burger, food, hamburger, nature, object, restaurant
342 U+1F35F 🍟 Emoji u1f35f.svg Twemoji 1f35f.svg Emojione 1F35F.svg french fries V6.0ʲ emoji food, french, fries, nature, object, restaurant
343 U+1F355 🍕 Noto Project Pizza Slice Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f355.svg Emojione 1F355.svg PEO-pizza.svg slice of pizza V6.0ʲ emoji food, nature, object, pizza, restaurant, slice
344 U+1F32D 🌭 hot dog V8.0ˣ emoji food, frankfurter, hot dog, hotdog, nature, sausage
345 U+1F32E 🌮 taco V8.0ˣ emoji food, mexican, nature, taco
346 U+1F32F 🌯 burrito V8.0ˣ emoji burrito, food, mexican, nature
347 U+1F37F 🍿 popcorn V8.0ˣ emoji food, nature, popcorn
348 U+1F372 🍲 Emoji u1f372.svg Twemoji 1f372.svg Emojione 1F372.svg Fxemoji u1F372.svg pot of food V6.0ʲ emoji food, nature, object, pot, restaurant, stew
349 U+1F371 🍱 Emoji u1f371.svg Twemoji 1f371.svg Emojione 1F371.svg Fxemoji u1F371.svg PEO-bento box.svg bento box V6.0ʲ emoji bento, box, food, nature, object, restaurant
350 U+1F358 🍘 Noto Project Rice Cracker Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f358.svg Emojione 1F358.svg rice cracker V6.0ʲ emoji cracker, food, nature, object, restaurant, rice
351 U+1F359 🍙 Noto Project Rice Ball Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f359.svg Emojione 1F359.svg PEO-rice ball.svg rice ball V6.0ʲ emoji ball, food, japanese, nature, object, restaurant, rice
352 U+1F35A 🍚 Emoji u1f35a.svg Twemoji 1f35a.svg Emojione 1F35A.svg cooked rice V6.0ʲ emoji cooked, food, nature, object, restaurant, rice
353 U+1F35B 🍛 Emoji u1f35b.svg Twemoji 1f35b.svg Emojione 1F35B.svg curry and rice V6.0ʲ emoji curry, food, nature, object, restaurant, rice
354 U+1F35C 🍜 Emoji u1f35c.svg Twemoji 1f35c.svg Emojione 1F35C.svg steaming bowl V6.0ʲ emoji bowl, food, nature, noodle, object, ramen, restaurant, steaming
355 U+1F35D 🍝 Emoji u1f35d.svg Twemoji 1f35d.svg Emojione 1F35D.svg spaghetti V6.0ʲ emoji food, nature, object, pasta, restaurant, spaghetti
356 U+1F360 🍠 Emoji u1f360.svg Twemoji 1f360.svg Emojione 1F360.svg roasted sweet potato V6.0ʲ emoji food, nature, object, potato, restaurant, roasted, sweet
357 U+1F362 🍢 Emoji u1f362.svg Twemoji 1f362.svg Emojione 1F362.svg oden V6.0ʲ emoji food, kebab, nature, object, oden, restaurant, seafood, skewer, stick
358 U+1F363 🍣 Noto Project Sushi Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f363.svg Emojione 1F363.svg sushi V6.0ʲ emoji food, nature, object, restaurant, sushi
359 U+1F364 🍤 Noto Project Fried Shrimp Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f364.svg Emojione 1F364.svg fried shrimp V6.0ʲ emoji food, fried, nature, object, prawn, restaurant, shrimp, tempura
360 U+1F365 🍥 Emoji u1f365.svg Twemoji 1f365.svg Emojione 1F365.svg PEO-fish cake with swirl design.svg fish cake with swirl design V6.0ʲ emoji cake, fish, food, nature, object, pastry, restaurant, swirl
361 U+1F361 🍡 Emoji u1f361.svg Twemoji 1f361.svg Emojione 1F361.svg dango V6.0ʲ emoji dango, dessert, food, japanese, nature, object, restaurant, skewer, stick, sweet
362 U+1F366 🍦 Emoji u1f366.svg Twemoji 1f366.svg Emojione 1F366.svg soft ice cream V6.0ʲ emoji cream, dessert, food, ice, icecream, nature, object, restaurant, soft, sweet
363 U+1F367 🍧 Emoji u1f367.svg Twemoji 1f367.svg Emojione 1F367.svg shaved ice V6.0ʲ emoji dessert, food, ice, nature, object, restaurant, shaved, sweet
364 U+1F368 🍨 Emoji u1f368.svg Twemoji 1f368.svg Emojione 1F368.svg ice cream V6.0ʲ emoji cream, dessert, food, ice, nature, object, restaurant, sweet
365 U+1F369 🍩 Noto Project Doughnut Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f369.svg Emojione 1F369.svg doughnut V6.0ʲ emoji dessert, donut, doughnut, food, nature, object, restaurant, sweet
366 U+1F36A 🍪 Emoji u1f36a.svg Twemoji 1f36a.svg Emojione 1F36A.svg cookie V6.0ʲ emoji cookie, dessert, food, nature, object, restaurant, sweet
367 U+1F382 🎂 Noto Project Birthday Cake Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f382.svg Emojione 1F382.svg birthday cake V6.0ʲ emoji birthday, cake, celebration, dessert, food, object, pastry, sweet
368 U+1F370 🍰 Emoji u1f370.svg Twemoji 1f370.svg Emojione 1F370.svg PEO-cake.svg shortcake V6.0ʲ emoji cake, dessert, food, nature, object, pastry, restaurant, shortcake, slice, sweet
369 U+1F36B 🍫 Noto Project Chocolate Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f36b.svg Emojione 1F36B.svg chocolate bar V6.0ʲ emoji bar, chocolate, dessert, food, nature, object, restaurant, sweet
370 U+1F36C 🍬 Emoji u1f36c.svg Twemoji 1f36c.svg Emojione 1F36C.svg candy V6.0ʲ emoji candy, dessert, food, nature, object, restaurant, sweet
371 U+1F36D 🍭 Emoji u1f36d.svg Twemoji 1f36d.svg Emojione 1F36D.svg Fxemoji u1F36D.svg lollipop V6.0ʲ emoji candy, dessert, food, lollipop, nature, object, restaurant, sweet
372 U+1F36E 🍮 Emoji u1f36e.svg Twemoji 1f36e.svg Emojione 1F36E.svg custard V6.0ʲ emoji custard, dessert, food, nature, object, pudding, restaurant, sweet
373 U+1F36F 🍯 Emoji u1f36f.svg Twemoji 1f36f.svg Emojione 1F36F.svg honey pot V6.0ʲ emoji food, honey, honeypot, nature, object, pot, restaurant, sweet
374 U+1F37C 🍼 Emoji u1f37c.svg Twemoji 1f37c.svg Emojione 1F37C.svg baby bottle V6.0ˣ emoji baby, bottle, drink, milk, nature, object
375 U+2615 ☕️ Emoji u2615.svg Twemoji 2615.svg Emojione 2615.svg hot beverage V4.0ʲ emoji* beverage, coffee, drink, hot, nature, object, steaming, tea
376 U+1F375 🍵 Emoji u1f375.svg Twemoji 1f375.svg Emojione 1F375.svg teacup without handle V6.0ʲ emoji beverage, cup, drink, nature, object, tea, teacup
377 U+1F376 🍶 Emoji u1f376.svg Twemoji 1f376.svg Emojione 1F376.svg sake bottle and cup V6.0ʲ emoji bar, beverage, bottle, cup, drink, nature, object, restaurant, sake
378 U+1F37E 🍾 bottle with popping cork V8.0ˣ emoji bar, bottle, cork, drink, nature, popping
379 U+1F377 🍷 Emoji u1f377.svg Twemoji 1f377.svg Emojione 1F377.svg wine glass V6.0ʲ emoji bar, beverage, drink, glass, nature, object, restaurant, wine
380 U+1F378 🍸 Emoji u1f378.svg Twemoji 1f378.svg Emojione 1F378.svg cocktail glass V6.0ʲʷ emoji bar, cocktail, drink, glass, nature, object, restaurant
381 U+1F379 🍹 Emoji u1f379.svg Twemoji 1f379.svg Emojione 1F379.svg PEO-tropical drink.svg tropical drink V6.0ʲ emoji bar, drink, nature, object, restaurant, tropical
382 U+1F37A 🍺 Noto Project Beer Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f37a.svg Emojione 1F37A.svg beer mug V6.0ʲ emoji bar, beer, drink, mug, nature, object, restaurant
383 U+1F37B 🍻 Noto Project Clinking Beer Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f37b.svg Emojione 1F37B.svg Fxemoji u1F37B.svg clinking beer mugs V6.0ʲ emoji bar, beer, clink, drink, mug, nature, object, restaurant
384 U+1F37D 🍽 fork and knife with plate V7.0ʷ text cooking, fork, knife, object, place, plate, restaurant
385 U+1F374 🍴 Emoji u1f374.svg Twemoji 1f374.svg Emojione 1F374.svg fork and knife V6.0ʲ emoji cooking, food, fork, knife, nature, object, restaurant
386 U+1F373 🍳 Emoji u1f373.svg Twemoji 1f373.svg Emojione 1F373.svg Fxemoji u1F373.svg cooking V6.0ʲ emoji cooking, egg, food, frying, nature, object, pan, restaurant
387 U+1F3FA 🏺 amphora V8.0ˣ emoji amphora, aquarius, cooking, drink, jug, nature, tool, weapon, zodiac
388 U+1F30D 🌍 Noto Project Earth Europe Africa Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f30d.svg Emojione 1F30D.svg earth globe europe-africa V6.0ʷ emoji africa, earth, europe, globe, nature, place, world
389 U+1F30E 🌎 Noto Project Earth Americas Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f30e.svg Emojione 1F30E.svg earth globe americas V6.0ʷ emoji americas, earth, globe, nature, place, world
390 U+1F30F 🌏 Noto Project Earth Asia Australia Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f30f.svg Emojione 1F30F.svg earth globe asia-australia V6.0ʲʷ emoji asia, australia, earth, globe, nature, place, world
391 U+1F310 🌐 Noto Project Globe Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f310.svg Emojione 1F310.svg globe with meridians V6.0ˣ emoji earth, globe, meridians, nature, place, world
392 U+1F5FA 🗺 world map V7.0ʷ text map, place, world
393 U+1F3D4 🏔 snow capped mountain V7.0ʷ text cold, mountain, nature, place, snow
394 U+26F0 ⛰ mountain V5.2ª text mountain, place
395 U+1F30B 🌋 Noto Project Volcano Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f30b.svg Emojione 1F30B.svg volcano V6.0ʲ emoji eruption, mountain, nature, place, volcano, weather
396 U+1F5FB 🗻 Emoji u1f5fb.svg Twemoji 1f5fb.svg Emojione 1F5FB.svg Fxemoji u1F5FB.svg PEO-mount fuji.svg mount fuji V6.0ʲ emoji fuji, mountain, nature, place
397 U+1F3D5 🏕 camping V7.0ʷ text camping, nature, place
398 U+1F3D6 🏖 beach with umbrella V7.0ʷ text beach, nature, place, umbrella
399 U+1F3DC 🏜 desert V7.0ʷ text desert, nature, place
400 U+1F3DD 🏝 desert island V7.0ʷ text desert, island, nature, place
401 U+1F3DE 🏞 national park V7.0ʷ text national park, nature, park, place
402 U+1F3DF 🏟 stadium V7.0ʷ text place, stadium
403 U+1F3DB 🏛 classical building V7.0ʷ text building, classical, place
404 U+1F3D7 🏗 building construction V7.0ʷ text building, construction, place
405 U+1F3D8 🏘 house buildings V7.0ʷ text building, house, place
406 U+1F3D9 🏙 cityscape V7.0ʷ text building, city, place
407 U+1F3DA 🏚 derelict house building V7.0ʷ text building, derelict, house, place
408 U+1F3E0 🏠 Emoji u1f3e0.svg Twemoji 1f3e0.svg Emojione 1F3E0.svg Fxemoji u1F3E0.svg house building V6.0ʲʷ emoji building, home, house, place
409 U+1F3E1 🏡 Emoji u1f3e1.svg Twemoji 1f3e1.svg Emojione 1F3E1.svg Fxemoji u1F3E1.svg house with garden V6.0ʲ emoji building, garden, home, house, place
410 U+1F6D0 🛐 place of worship V8.0ˣ emoji place, religion, worship
411 U+26EA ⛪️ Emoji u26ea.svg Twemoji 26ea.svg Emojione 26EA.svg Fxemoji u26EA.svg church V5.2ªʲ emoji* building, christian, church, cross, place, religion
412 U+1F54B 🕋 kaaba V8.0ˣ emoji islam, kaaba, muslim, place, religion
413 U+1F54C 🕌 mosque V8.0ˣ emoji islam, mosque, muslim, place, religion
414 U+1F54D 🕍 synagogue V8.0ˣ emoji jew, jewish, place, religion, synagogue, temple
415 U+1F3E2 🏢 Emoji u1f3e2.svg Twemoji 1f3e2.svg Emojione 1F3E2.svg Fxemoji u1F3E2.svg office building V6.0ʲ emoji building, office, place
416 U+1F3E3 🏣 Emoji u1f3e3.svg Twemoji 1f3e3.svg Emojione 1F3E3.svg Fxemoji u1F3E3.svg japanese post office V6.0ʲ emoji building, japanese, office, place, post
417 U+1F3E4 🏤 Emoji u1f3e4.svg Twemoji 1f3e4.svg Emojione 1F3E4.svg Fxemoji u1F3E4.svg european post office V6.0ˣ emoji building, european, office, place, post
418 U+1F3E5 🏥 Emoji u1f3e5.svg Twemoji 1f3e5.svg Emojione 1F3E5.svg Fxemoji u1F3E5.svg hospital V6.0ʲ emoji building, doctor, hospital, medicine, place
419 U+1F3E6 🏦 Emoji u1f3e6.svg Twemoji 1f3e6.svg Emojione 1F3E6.svg Fxemoji u1F3E6.svg bank V6.0ʲ emoji bank, building, place
420 U+1F3E8 🏨 Emoji u1f3e8.svg Twemoji 1f3e8.svg Emojione 1F3E8.svg Fxemoji u1F3E8.svg hotel V6.0ʲ emoji building, hotel, place
421 U+1F3E9 🏩 Emoji u1f3e9.svg Twemoji 1f3e9.svg Emojione 1F3E9.svg Fxemoji u1F3E9.svg PEO-love hotel.svg love hotel V6.0ʲ emoji building, hotel, love, place
422 U+1F3EA 🏪 Emoji u1f3ea.svg Twemoji 1f3ea.svg Emojione 1F3EA.svg Fxemoji u1F3EA.svg convenience store V6.0ʲ emoji building, convenience, place, store
423 U+1F3EB 🏫 Emoji u1f3eb.svg Twemoji 1f3eb.svg Emojione 1F3EB.svg Fxemoji u1F3EB.svg school V6.0ʲ emoji building, education, place, school
424 U+1F3EC 🏬 Emoji u1f3ec.svg Twemoji 1f3ec.svg Emojione 1F3EC.svg Fxemoji u1F3EC.svg department store V6.0ʲ emoji building, department, place, store
425 U+1F3ED 🏭 Emoji u1f3ed.svg Twemoji 1f3ed.svg Emojione 1F3ED.svg Fxemoji u1F3ED.svg factory V6.0ʲʷ emoji building, factory, place
426 U+1F3EF 🏯 Emoji u1f3ef.svg Twemoji 1f3ef.svg Emojione 1F3EF.svg Fxemoji u1F3EF.svg japanese castle V6.0ʲ emoji building, castle, japanese, place
427 U+1F3F0 🏰 Emoji u1f3f0.svg Twemoji 1f3f0.svg Emojione 1F3F0.svg Fxemoji u1F3F0.svg european castle V6.0ʲ emoji building, castle, european, place
428 U+1F492 💒 Emoji u1f492.svg Twemoji 1f492.svg Emojione 1F492.svg Fxemoji u1F492.svg wedding V6.0ʲ emoji activity, chapel, place, romance, wedding
429 U+1F5FC 🗼 Emoji u1f5fc.svg Twemoji 1f5fc.svg Emojione 1F5FC.svg Fxemoji u1F5FC.svg tokyo tower V6.0ʲ emoji place, tokyo, tower
430 U+1F5FD 🗽 Emoji u1f5fd.svg Twemoji 1f5fd.svg Emojione 1F5FD.svg Fxemoji u1F5FD.svg statue of liberty V6.0ʲ emoji liberty, place, statue
431 U+1F5FE 🗾 Emoji u1f5fe.svg Twemoji 1f5fe.svg Emojione 1F5FE.svg Fxemoji u1F5FE.svg silhouette of japan V6.0ʲ emoji japan, map, place
432 U+26F2 ⛲️ Emoji u26f2.svg Twemoji 26f2.svg Emojione 26F2.svg Fxemoji u26F2.svg fountain V5.2ªʲ emoji* fountain, object, place
433 U+26FA ⛺️ Emoji u26fa.svg Twemoji 26fa.svg Emojione 26FA.svg Fxemoji u26FA.svg tent V5.2ªʲ emoji* camping, object, place, tent
434 U+1F301 🌁 Emoji u1f301.svg Twemoji 1f301.svg Emojione 1F301.svg foggy V6.0ʲ emoji fog, nature, place, weather
435 U+1F303 🌃 Emoji u1f303.svg Twemoji 1f303.svg Emojione 1F303.svg Fxemoji u1F303.svg night with stars V6.0ʲ emoji nature, night, place, star, weather
436 U+1F304 🌄 Emoji u1f304.svg Twemoji 1f304.svg Emojione 1F304.svg Fxemoji u1F304.svg sunrise over mountains V6.0ʲ emoji morning, mountain, nature, place, sun, sunrise, time, weather
437 U+1F305 🌅 Emoji u1f305.svg Twemoji 1f305.svg Emojione 1F305.svg Fxemoji u1F305.svg sunrise V6.0ʲ emoji morning, nature, place, sun, sunrise, time, weather
438 U+1F306 🌆 Emoji u1f306.svg Twemoji 1f306.svg Emojione 1F306.svg Fxemoji u1F306.svg cityscape at dusk V6.0ʲ emoji building, city, dusk, evening, landscape, nature, place, sun, sunset, time, weather
439 U+1F307 🌇 Emoji u1f307.svg Twemoji 1f307.svg Emojione 1F307.svg Fxemoji u1F307.svg sunset over buildings V6.0ʲ emoji building, dusk, nature, place, sun, sunset, time, weather
440 U+1F309 🌉 Emoji u1f309.svg Twemoji 1f309.svg Emojione 1F309.svg Fxemoji u1F309.svg bridge at night V6.0ʲ emoji bridge, nature, night, place, weather
441 U+1F30A 🌊 Noto Project Wave Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f30a.svg Emojione 1F30A.svg water wave V6.0ʲ emoji nature, ocean, place, water, wave, weather
442 U+2668 ♨️ Emoji u2668.svg Twemoji 2668.svg Emojione 2668.svg Fxemoji u2668.svg hot springs V1.1ªʲ text* hot, hotsprings, place, springs, steaming
443 U+1F5FF 🗿 Emoji u1f5ff.svg Twemoji 1f5ff.svg Emojione 1F5FF.svg Fxemoji u1F5FF.svg moyai V6.0ʲ emoji face, moyai, place, statue, travel
444 U+1F30C 🌌 Emoji u1f30c.svg Twemoji 1f30c.svg Emojione 1F30C.svg PEO-milky way.svg milky way V6.0ʲ emoji milky way, nature, place, space, weather
445 U+1F3A0 🎠 Emoji u1f3a0.svg Twemoji 1f3a0.svg Emojione 1F3A0.svg Fxemoji u1F3A0.svg carousel horse V6.0ʲ emoji activity, carousel, entertainment, horse, place
446 U+1F3A1 🎡 Emoji u1f3a1.svg Twemoji 1f3a1.svg Emojione 1F3A1.svg Fxemoji u1F3A1.svg ferris wheel V6.0ʲ emoji activity, amusement park, entertainment, ferris, place, wheel
447 U+1F3A2 🎢 Emoji u1f3a2.svg Twemoji 1f3a2.svg Emojione 1F3A2.svg Fxemoji u1F3A2.svg roller coaster V6.0ʲ emoji activity, amusement park, coaster, entertainment, place, roller
448 U+1F488 💈 Emoji u1f488.svg Twemoji 1f488.svg Emojione 1F488.svg Fxemoji u1F488.svg barber pole V6.0ʲ emoji barber, haircut, place, pole
449 U+1F3AA 🎪 Noto Project Circus Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f3aa.svg Emojione 1F3AA.svg Fxemoji u1F3AA.svg circus tent V6.0ʲ emoji activity, circus, entertainment, place, tent
450 U+1F3AD 🎭 Emoji u1f3ad.svg Twemoji 1f3ad.svg Emojione 1F3AD.svg Fxemoji u1F3AD.svg performing arts V6.0ʲʷ emoji activity, art, entertainment, mask, object, performing, place, theater, theatre
451 U+1F5BC 🖼 frame with picture V7.0ʷ text art, frame, museum, object, office, painting, picture
452 U+1F3A8 🎨 Noto Project Artist Palette Emoji.svg Twemoji 1f3a8.svg Emojione 1F3A8.svg artist palette V6.0ʲ emoji activity, art, entertainment, museum, object, painting, palette
453 U+1F3B0 🎰 Emoji u1f3b0.svg Twemoji 1f3b0.svg Emojione 1F3B0.svg Fxemoji u1F3B0.svg slot machine V6.0ʲ emoji activity, game, object, place, slot
454 U+1F682 🚂 Emoji u1f682.svg Twemoji 1f682.svg Emojione 1F682.svg Fxemoji u1F682.svg steam locomotive V6.0ˣ emoji engine, locomotive, place, railway, steam, train, travel, vehicle
455 U+1F683 🚃 Emoji u1f683.svg Twemoji 1f683.svg Emojione 1F683.svg Fxemoji u1F683.svg railway car V6.0ʲ emoji car, electric, place, railway, train, tram, travel, trolleybus, vehicle
456 U+1F684 🚄 Emoji u1f684.svg Twemoji 1f684.svg Emojione 1F684.svg Fxemoji u1F684.svg high-speed train V6.0ʲ emoji place, railway, shinkansen, speed, train, travel, vehicle
457 U+1F685 🚅 Emoji u1f685.svg Twemoji 1f685.svg Emojione 1F685.svg Fxemoji u1F685.svg high-speed train with bullet nose V6.0ʲ emoji bullet, place, railway, shinkansen, speed, train, travel, vehicle
458 U+1F686 🚆 Emoji u1f686.svg Twemoji 1f686.svg Emojione 1F686.svg Fxemoji u1F686.svg train V6.0ˣ emoji place, railway, train, travel, vehicle
459 U+1F687 🚇 Emoji u1f687.svg Twemoji 1f687.svg Emojione 1F687.svg Fxemoji u1F687.svg metro V6.0ʲʷ emoji metro, place, subway, travel, vehicle
460 U+1F688 🚈 Emoji u1f688.svg Twemoji 1f688.svg Emojione 1F688.svg Fxemoji u1F688.svg light rail V6.0ˣ emoji place, railway, travel, vehicle
461 U+1F689 🚉 Emoji u1f689.svg Twemoji 1f689.svg Emojione 1F689.svg Fxemoji u1F689.svg station V6.0ʲ emoji place, railway, station, train, travel, vehicle
462 U+1F68A 🚊 Emoji u1f68a.svg Twemoji 1f68a.svg Emojione 1F68A.svg Fxemoji u1F68A.svg tram V6.0ˣ emoji place, tram, travel, trolleybus, vehicle
463 U+1F69D 🚝 Emoji u1f69d.svg Twemoji 1f69d.svg Emojione 1F69D.svg Fxemoji u1F69D.svg monorail V6.0ˣ emoji monorail, place, travel, vehicle
464 U+1F69E 🚞 Emoji u1f69e.svg Twemoji 1f69e.svg Emojione 1F69E.svg Fxemoji u1F69E.svg mountain railway V6.0ˣ emoji car, mountain, place, railway, travel, vehicle
465 U+1F68B 🚋 Emoji u1f68b.svg Twemoji 1f68b.svg Emojione 1F68B.svg Fxemoji u1F68B.svg tram car V6.0ˣ emoji car, place, tram, travel, trolleybus, vehicle
466 U+1F68C 🚌 Emoji u1f68c.svg Twemoji 1f68c.svg Emojione 1F68C.svg Fxemoji u1F68C.svg bus V6.0ʲ emoji bus, place, travel, vehicle
467 U+1F68D 🚍 Emoji u1f68d.svg Twemoji 1f68d.svg Emojione 1F68D.svg Fxemoji u1F68D.svg oncoming bus V6.0ʷ emoji bus, oncoming, place, travel, vehicle
468 U+1F68E 🚎 Emoji u1f68e.svg Twemoji 1f68e.svg Emojione 1F68E.svg Fxemoji u1F68E.svg trolleybus V6.0ˣ emoji bus, place, tram, travel, trolley, trolleybus, vehicle
469 U+1F68F 🚏 Emoji u1f68f.svg Twemoji 1f68f.svg Emojione 1F68F.svg Fxemoji u1F68F.svg PEO-bus stop.svg bus stop V6.0ʲ emoji bus, busstop, place, stop, travel
470 U+1F690 🚐 Emoji u1f690.svg Twemoji 1f690.svg Emojione 1F690.svg Fxemoji u1F690.svg minibus V6.0ˣ emoji bus, minibus, place, travel, vehicle
471 U+1F691 🚑 Emoji u1f691.svg Twemoji 1f691.svg Emojione 1F691.svg Fxemoji u1F691.svg ambulance V6.0ʲʷ emoji ambulance, place, travel, vehicle
472 U+1F692 🚒 Emoji u1f692.svg Twemoji 1f692.svg Emojione 1F692.svg Fxemoji u1F692.svg fire engine V6.0ʲ emoji engine, fire, place, travel, truck, vehicle
473 U+1F693 🚓 Emoji u1f693.svg Twemoji 1f693.svg Emojione 1F693.svg Fxemoji u1F693.svg police car V6.0ʲ emoji car, patrol, place, police, travel, vehicle
474 U+1F694 🚔 Emoji u1f694.svg Twemoji 1f694.svg Emojione 1F694.svg Fxemoji u1F694.svg oncoming police car V6.0ʷ emoji car, oncoming, place, police, travel, vehicle
475 U+1F695 🚕 Emoji u1f695.svg Twemoji 1f695.svg Emojione 1F695.svg Fxemoji u1F695.svg taxi V6.0ʲ emoji place, taxi, travel, vehicle
476 U+1F696 🚖 Emoji u1f696.svg Twemoji 1f696.svg Emojione 1F696.svg Fxemoji u1F696.svg oncoming taxi V6.0ˣ emoji oncoming, place, taxi, travel, vehicle
477 U+1F697 🚗 Emoji u1f697.svg Twemoji 1f697.svg Emojione 1F697.svg Fxemoji u1F697.svg PEO-car.svg automobile V6.0ʲ emoji automobile, car, place, travel, vehicle
478 U+1F698 🚘 Emoji u1f698.svg Twemoji 1f698.svg Emojione 1F698.svg Fxemoji u1F698.svg oncoming automobile V6.0ʷ emoji automobile, car, oncoming, place, travel, vehicle
479 U+1F699 🚙 Emoji u1f699.svg Twemoji 1f699.svg Emojione 1F699.svg Fxemoji u1F699.svg PEO-RV.svg recreational vehicle V6.0ʲ emoji place, recreational, rv, travel, vehicle
480 U+1F69A 🚚 Emoji u1f69a.svg Twemoji 1f69a.svg Emojione 1F69A.svg Fxemoji u1F69A.svg delivery truck V6.0ʲ emoji delivery, place, travel, truck, vehicle
481 U+1F69B 🚛 Emoji u1f69b.svg Twemoji 1f69b.svg Emojione 1F69B.svg Fxemoji u1F69B.svg articulated lorry V6.0ˣ emoji lorry, place, semi, travel, truck, vehicle
482 U+1F69C 🚜 Emoji u1f69c.svg Twemoji 1f69c.svg Emojione 1F69C.svg Fxemoji u1F69C.svg tractor V6.0ˣ emoji place, tractor, travel, vehicle
483 U+1F6B2 🚲 Emoji u1f6b2.svg Twemoji 1f6b2.svg Emojione 1F6B2.svg Fxemoji u1F6B2.svg bicycle V6.0ʲʷ emoji bicycle, bike, place, sport, travel, vehicle
484 U+1F6B3 🚳 Emoji u1f6b3.svg Twemoji 1f6b3.svg Emojione 1F6B3.svg Fxemoji u1F6B3.svg no bicycles V6.0ˣ emoji bicycle, bike, forbidden, no, not, place, prohibited, sign, sport, symbol, travel, vehicle
485 U+26FD ⛽️ Emoji u26fd.svg Twemoji 26fd.svg Emojione 26FD.svg Fxemoji u26FD.svg fuel pump V5.2ªʲ emoji* fuel, fuelpump, gas, place, pump, station, travel
486 U+1F6E2 🛢 oil drum V7.0ʷ text drum, object, oil
487 U+1F6E3 🛣 motorway V7.0ʷ text highway, motorway, place, road, travel
488 U+1F6E4 🛤 railway track V7.0ʷ text place, railway, train, travel
489 U+1F6A8 🚨 Emoji u1f6a8.svg Twemoji 1f6a8.svg Emojione 1F6A8.svg Fxemoji u1F6A8.svg police cars revolving light V6.0ʲ emoji beacon, car, light, place, police, revolving, travel, vehicle
490 U+2693 ⚓️ Emoji u2693.svg Twemoji 2693.svg Emojione 2693.svg Fxemoji u2693.svg PEO-anchor.svg anchor V4.1ªʲ emoji* anchor, place, ship, tool, travel
491 U+1F531 🔱 Emoji u1f531.svg Twemoji 1f531.svg Emojione 1F531.svg Fxemoji u1F531.svg trident emblem V6.0ʲ emoji anchor, emblem, object, ship, symbol, tool, trident
492 U+26F5 ⛵️ Emoji u26f5.svg Twemoji 26f5.svg Emojione 26F5.svg Fxemoji u26F5.svg sailboat V5.2ªʲ emoji* boat, place, resort, sailboat, sea, travel, vehicle, yacht
493 U+1F6A3 🚣 Emoji u1f6a3.svg Twemoji 1f6a3.svg Emojione 1F6A3.svg Fxemoji u1F6A3.svg rowboat V6.0ˣ emoji boat, place, rowboat, travel, vehicle
494 U+1F6A4 🚤 Emoji u1f6a4.svg Twemoji 1f6a4.svg Emojione 1F6A4.svg Fxemoji u1F6A4.svg speedboat V6.0ʲ emoji boat, place, speedboat, travel, vehicle
495 U+1F6F3 🛳 passenger ship V7.0ʷ text passenger, place, ship, travel, vehicle
496 U+26F4 ⛴ ferry V5.2ª text boat, ferry, place, travel
497 U+1F6E5 🛥 motor boat V7.0ʷ text boat, motorboat, place, travel, vehicle
498 U+1F6A2 🚢 Emoji u1f6a2.svg Twemoji 1f6a2.svg Emojione 1F6A2.svg Fxemoji u1F6A2.svg ship V6.0ʲ emoji place, ship, travel, vehicle
499 U+2708 ✈️ Emoji u2708.svg Twemoji 2708.svg Emojione 2708.svg Fxemoji u2708.svg airplane V1.1ᶻªʲʷ text* airplane, place, travel, vehicle
500 U+1F6E9 🛩 small airplane V7.0ʷ text airplane, place, travel, vehicle
501 U+1F6EB 🛫 airplane departure V7.0ˣ emoji airplane, check-in, departure, departures, place, travel, vehicle
502 U+1F6EC 🛬 airplane arriving V7.0ˣ emoji airplane, arrivals, arriving, landing, place, travel, vehicle
503 U+1F4BA 💺 Emoji u1f4ba.svg Twemoji 1f4ba.svg Emojione 1F4BA.svg Fxemoji u1F4BA.svg seat V6.0ʲ emoji chair, object, office, place, seat, travel
504 U+1F681 🚁 Emoji u1f681.svg Twemoji 1f681.svg Emojione 1F681.svg Fxemoji u1F681.svg helicopter V6.0ˣ emoji helicopter, place, travel, vehicle
505 U+1F69F 🚟 Emoji u1f69f.svg Twemoji 1f69f.svg Emojione 1F69F.svg Fxemoji u1F69F.svg suspension railway V6.0ˣ emoji place, railway, suspension, travel, vehicle
506 U+1F6A0 🚠 Emoji u1f6a0.svg Twemoji 1f6a0.svg Emojione 1F6A0.svg Fxemoji u1F6A0.svg mountain cableway V6.0ˣ emoji cable, gondola, mountain, place, travel, vehicle
507 U+1F6A1 🚡 Emoji u1f6a1.svg Twemoji 1f6a1.svg Emojione 1F6A1.svg Fxemoji u1F6A1.svg aerial tramway V6.0ˣ emoji aerial, cable, car, gondola, place, ropeway, tramway, travel, vehicle
508 U+1F680 🚀 Emoji u1f680.svg Twemoji 1f680.svg Emojione 1F680.svg Fxemoji u1F680.svg rocket V6.0ʲ emoji place, rocket, space, travel, vehicle
509 U+1F6F0 🛰 satellite V7.0ʷ text place, satellite, space, vehicle
510 U+1F3E7 🏧 Emoji u1f3e7.svg Twemoji 1f3e7.svg Emojione 1F3E7.svg Fxemoji u1F3E7.svg automated teller machine V6.0ʲ emoji atm, automated, bank, place, sign, symbol, teller
511 U+1F6AE 🚮 Emoji u1f6ae.svg Twemoji 1f6ae.svg Emojione 1F6AE.svg Fxemoji u1F6AE.svg put litter in its place symbol V6.0ˣ emoji litter, litterbox, place, symbol, travel
512 U+1F6A5 🚥 Emoji u1f6a5.svg Twemoji 1f6a5.svg Emojione 1F6A5.svg Fxemoji u1F6A5.svg horizontal traffic light V6.0ʲ emoji light, place, signal, traffic, travel
513 U+1F6A6 🚦 Emoji u1f6a6.svg Twemoji 1f6a6.svg Emojione 1F6A6.svg Fxemoji u1F6A6.svg vertical traffic light V6.0ˣ emoji light, place, signal, traffic, travel
514 U+1F6A7 🚧 Emoji u1f6a7.svg Twemoji 1f6a7.svg Emojione 1F6A7.svg Fxemoji u1F6A7.svg construction sign V6.0ʲ emoji barrier, construction, place, travel
515 U+1F6AB 🚫 Emoji u1f6ab.svg Twemoji 1f6ab.svg Emojione 1F6AB.svg Fxemoji u1F6AB.svg no entry sign V6.0ʲ emoji entry, forbidden, no, not, prohibited, symbol, travel
516 U+1F6AD 🚭 Emoji u1f6ad.svg Twemoji 1f6ad.svg Emojione 1F6AD.svg Fxemoji u1F6AD.svg no smoking symbol V6.0ʲʷ emoji forbidden, no, not, prohibited, sign, smoking, symbol, travel
517 U+1F6AF 🚯 Emoji u1f6af.svg Twemoji 1f6af.svg Emojione 1F6AF.svg Fxemoji u1F6AF.svg do not litter symbol V6.0ˣ emoji forbidden, litter, no, not, prohibited, sign, symbol, travel
518 U+1F6B0 🚰 Emoji u1f6b0.svg Twemoji 1f6b0.svg Emojione 1F6B0.svg Fxemoji u1F6B0.svg potable water symbol V6.0ˣ emoji drink, potable, sign, symbol, travel, water
519 U+1F6B1 🚱 Emoji u1f6b1.svg Twemoji 1f6b1.svg Emojione 1F6B1.svg Fxemoji u1F6B1.svg non-potable water symbol V6.0ˣ emoji drink, forbidden, no, not, potable, prohibited, sign, symbol, travel, water
520 U+1F6B7 🚷 Emoji u1f6b7.svg Twemoji 1f6b7.svg Emojione 1F6B7.svg Fxemoji u1F6B7.svg no pedestrians V6.0ˣ emoji forbidden, no, not, pedestrian, place, prohibited, sign, symbol, travel
521 U+1F6B8 🚸 Emoji u1f6b8.svg Twemoji 1f6b8.svg Emojione 1F6B8.svg Fxemoji u1F6B8.svg children crossing V6.0ˣ emoji child, crossing, pedestrian, place, sign, symbol, traffic, travel
522 U+267F ♿️ Emoji u267f.svg Twemoji 267f.svg Emojione 267F.svg Fxemoji u267F.svg PEO-wheelchair.svg wheelchair symbol V4.1ʲʷ emoji* access, sign, symbol, travel, wheelchair
523 U+1F6B9 🚹 Emoji u1f6b9.svg Twemoji 1f6b9.svg Emojione 1F6B9.svg Fxemoji u1F6B9.svg PEO-mens symbol.svg mens symbol V6.0ʲʷ emoji lavatory, man, restroom, sign, symbol, travel, wc
524 U+1F6BA 🚺 Emoji u1f6ba.svg Twemoji 1f6ba.svg Emojione 1F6BA.svg Fxemoji u1F6BA.svg womens symbol V6.0ʲʷ emoji lavatory, restroom, sign, symbol, travel, wc, woman
525 U+1F6BB 🚻 Emoji u1f6bb.svg Twemoji 1f6bb.svg Emojione 1F6BB.svg Fxemoji u1F6BB.svg restroom V6.0ʲ emoji lavatory, restroom, sign, symbol, travel, wc
526 U+1F6BC 🚼 Emoji u1f6bc.svg Twemoji 1f6bc.svg Emojione 1F6BC.svg Fxemoji u1F6BC.svg baby symbol V6.0ʲʷ emoji baby, changing, sign, symbol, travel
527 U+1F6BE 🚾 Emoji u1f6be.svg Twemoji 1f6be.svg Emojione 1F6BE.svg Fxemoji u1F6BE.svg water closet V6.0ʲ emoji closet, lavatory, place, restroom, sign, symbol, travel, water, wc
528 U+1F6C2 🛂 Emoji u1f6c2.svg Twemoji 1f6c2.svg Emojione 1F6C2.svg Fxemoji u1F6C2.svg passport control V6.0ˣ emoji control, passport, place, sign, symbol, travel
529 U+1F6C3 🛃 Emoji u1f6c3.svg Twemoji 1f6c3.svg Emojione 1F6C3.svg Fxemoji u1F6C3.svg customs V6.0ˣ emoji customs, place, sign, symbol, travel
530 U+1F6C4 🛄 Emoji u1f6c4.svg Twemoji 1f6c4.svg Emojione 1F6C4.svg Fxemoji u1F6C4.svg baggage claim V6.0ˣ emoji baggage, claim, place, sign, symbol, travel
531 U+1F6C5 🛅 Emoji u1f6c5.svg Twemoji 1f6c5.svg Emojione 1F6C5.svg Fxemoji u1F6C5.svg left luggage V6.0ˣ emoji baggage, left luggage, locker, luggage, place, sign, symbol, travel
532 U+26A0 ⚠️ Emoji u26a0.svg Twemoji 26a0.svg Emojione 26A0.svg Fxemoji u26A0.svg warning sign V4.0ʲ text* place, symbol, travel, warning
533 U+26D4 ⛔️ Emoji u26d4.svg Twemoji 26d4.svg Emojione 26D4.svg Fxemoji u26D4.svg no entry V5.2ªʲ emoji* entry, forbidden, no, not, prohibited, symbol, traffic, travel
534 U+1F6CE 🛎 bellhop bell V7.0ʷ text bell, bellhop, hotel, object
535 U+1F6AA 🚪 Emoji u1f6aa.svg Twemoji 1f6aa.svg Emojione 1F6AA.svg door V6.0ʲ emoji door, object, travel
536 U+1F6CC 🛌 sleeping accommodation V7.0ˣ emoji hotel, object, sleep
537 U+1F6CF 🛏 bed V7.0ʷ text bed, hotel, object, sleep
538 U+1F6CB 🛋 couch and lamp V7.0ʷ text couch, hotel, lamp, object
539 U+1F6BD 🚽 Emoji u1f6bd.svg Twemoji 1f6bd.svg Emojione 1F6BD.svg toilet V6.0ʲ emoji object, place, toilet, travel
540 U+1F6BF 🚿 Emoji u1f6bf.svg Twemoji 1f6bf.svg Emojione 1F6BF.svg shower V6.0ˣ emoji object, place, shower, travel, water
541 U+1F6C0 🛀 Emoji u1f6c0.svg Twemoji 1f6c0.svg Emojione 1F6C0.svg bath V6.0ʲ emoji bath, bathtub, object, place, travel
542 U+1F6C1 🛁 Emoji u1f6c1.svg Twemoji 1f6c1.svg Emojione 1F6C1.svg bathtub V6.0ˣ emoji bath, bathtub, object, place, travel
543 U+231B ⌛️ Emoji u231b.svg Twemoji 231b.svg Emojione 231B.svg hourglass V1.1ʲ emoji* hourglass, object, sand, time, timer
544 U+23F3 ⏳ Emoji u23f3.svg Twemoji 23f3.svg Emojione 23F3.svg Fxemoji u23F3.svg hourglass with flowing sand V6.0ʲʷ emoji hourglass, object, sand, time, timer
545 U+231A ⌚️ Emoji u231a.svg Twemoji 231a.svg Emojione 231A.svg watch V1.1ʲ emoji* clock, object, time, watch
546 U+23F0 ⏰ Emoji u23f0.svg Twemoji 23f0.svg Emojione 23F0.svg Fxemoji u23F0.svg alarm clock V6.0ʲ emoji alarm, clock, object, time
547 U+23F1 ⏱ stopwatch V6.0ˣ text clock, object, stopwatch, time
548 U+23F2 ⏲ timer clock V6.0ˣ text clock, object, time, timer
549 U+1F570 🕰 mantelpiece clock V7.0ʷ text clock, object
550 U+1F55B 🕛 Emoji u1f55b.svg Twemoji 1f55b.svg Emojione 1F55B.svg Fxemoji u1F55B.svg clock face twelve oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 12, 12:00, clock, o’clock, symbol, time, twelve
551 U+1F567 🕧 Emoji u1f567.svg Twemoji 1f567.svg Emojione 1F567.svg Fxemoji u1F567.svg clock face twelve-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 12, 12:30, 30, clock, symbol, thirty, time, twelve
552 U+1F550 🕐 Emoji u1f550.svg Twemoji 1f550.svg Emojione 1F550.svg Fxemoji u1F550.svg clock face one oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 1, 1:00, clock, o’clock, one, symbol, time
553 U+1F55C 🕜 Emoji u1f55c.svg Twemoji 1f55c.svg Emojione 1F55C.svg Fxemoji u1F55C.svg clock face one-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 1, 1:30, 30, clock, one, symbol, thirty, time
554 U+1F551 🕑 Emoji u1f551.svg Twemoji 1f551.svg Emojione 1F551.svg Fxemoji u1F551.svg clock face two oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 2, 2:00, clock, o’clock, symbol, time, two
555 U+1F55D 🕝 Emoji u1f55d.svg Twemoji 1f55d.svg Emojione 1F55D.svg Fxemoji u1F55D.svg clock face two-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 2, 2:30, 30, clock, symbol, thirty, time, two
556 U+1F552 🕒 Emoji u1f552.svg Twemoji 1f552.svg Emojione 1F552.svg Fxemoji u1F552.svg clock face three oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 3, 3:00, clock, o’clock, symbol, three, time
557 U+1F55E 🕞 Emoji u1f55e.svg Twemoji 1f55e.svg Emojione 1F55E.svg Fxemoji u1F55E.svg clock face three-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 3, 3:30, 30, clock, symbol, thirty, three, time
558 U+1F553 🕓 Emoji u1f553.svg Twemoji 1f553.svg Emojione 1F553.svg Fxemoji u1F553.svg clock face four oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 4, 4:00, clock, four, o’clock, symbol, time
559 U+1F55F 🕟 Emoji u1f55f.svg Twemoji 1f55f.svg Emojione 1F55F.svg Fxemoji u1F55F.svg clock face four-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 30, 4, 4:30, clock, four, symbol, thirty, time
560 U+1F554 🕔 Emoji u1f554.svg Twemoji 1f554.svg Emojione 1F554.svg clock face five oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 5, 5:00, clock, five, o’clock, symbol, time
561 U+1F560 🕠 Emoji u1f560.svg Twemoji 1f560.svg Emojione 1F560.svg Fxemoji u1F560.svg clock face five-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 30, 5, 5:30, clock, five, symbol, thirty, time
562 U+1F555 🕕 Emoji u1f555.svg Twemoji 1f555.svg Emojione 1F555.svg Fxemoji u1F555.svg clock face six oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 6, 6:00, clock, o’clock, six, symbol, time
563 U+1F561 🕡 Emoji u1f561.svg Twemoji 1f561.svg Emojione 1F561.svg Fxemoji u1F561.svg clock face six-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 30, 6, 6:30, clock, six, symbol, thirty, time
564 U+1F556 🕖 Emoji u1f556.svg Twemoji 1f556.svg Emojione 1F556.svg Fxemoji u1F556.svg clock face seven oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 7, 7:00, clock, o’clock, seven, symbol, time
565 U+1F562 🕢 Emoji u1f562.svg Twemoji 1f562.svg Emojione 1F562.svg clock face seven-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 30, 7, 7:30, clock, seven, symbol, thirty, time
566 U+1F557 🕗 Emoji u1f557.svg Twemoji 1f557.svg Emojione 1F557.svg clock face eight oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 8, 8:00, clock, eight, o’clock, symbol, time
567 U+1F563 🕣 Emoji u1f563.svg Twemoji 1f563.svg Emojione 1F563.svg clock face eight-thirty V6.0ʷ emoji 30, 8, 8:30, clock, eight, symbol, thirty, time
568 U+1F558 🕘 Emoji u1f558.svg Twemoji 1f558.svg Emojione 1F558.svg clock face nine oclock V6.0ʲʷ emoji 00, 9, 9:00, clock, nine, o’clock, symbol, time
569 U+1F564 🕤 Emoji u1f564.svg