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two fragments

Portrait of a family (fragment 1)[edit]

Family Portrait in a Landscape WGA.jpg

overall: Frans Hals
sitting child bottom left: Salomon de Bray
ca. 1620 and 1628
oil on canvas
151 × 163.6 cm
b.l.: FH
b.l.: Bray / 16[2]8
10 April 1829: sale of the collection of J.A. Bennet at an unknown auction house, Leiden
by 1929: Viscount Boyne
– lent to the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff by Viscount Boyne, Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Acquired by the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Ohio, Oct. 4 2011


Three childeren with a goat-cart (fragment 2)[edit]

Frans Hals 009.jpg

ca. 1620
oil on canvas
152 × 107.5 cm
1929: ceded to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels (4732) by Mrs. Brugman-De Waha, Brussels

KIK/IRPA, Photolibrary