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English: Gateshead Interchange is a bus/Metro transport interchange in the centre of Gateshead. The interchange building combines a ticket hall for the Metro station with covered waiting areas for a bus station. Buses can enter and exit the station at two places - via the north west corner to the N-S road A184 road, and via the south east corner, onto a road junction where 4 roads meet - West Street from the north, Jackson Street from the east, High West Street from the south and Bensham Road from the west. Inside the station they can follow bus only roads to navigate to the various stands, laid out around a one way loop in the northern half, and a bi-directional lane in the south. The Metro station also occupies two further underground levels. Originally opened in 1981, the bus stops were originally out in the open - on 29 March 2004, new structures were officially opened, which allow passengers to transfer between all bus stands and the Metro without going outside, and without crossing any of the bus lanes (a southern wing is connected to the main portion to the north via the underground level). A centrepiece of the upgraded interchange is a 100m long glass and steel sculpture, Opening Line by Danny Lane, installed along the middle of the bi-directional bus lane, to stop people crossing in front of the buses instead of using the subway between the buildings or the pedestrian crossing at the western end.


Gateshead Interchange diagram.jpg

  • Bus only lanes (grey)
  • Low rise 2004 built structures (black)
  • Medium rise 1981 brown brick building (brown)
  • Opening Line sculpture (red)

Interchange building/bus station[edit]

Metro station[edit]

Opened New
or converted
Number of platforms Track alignment Tyne & Wear metropolitan borough
15 November 1981 New 2 E-W Gateshead
An underground island platform below an intermediate underground level, beneath a ground level ticket hall in the interchange building
Platform no.
and position
of travel
Route Next
Platform 1
Eastbound Central Station Yellow Line to South Shields (stop 31 of 42) Gateshead Stadium
Green Line to South Hylton (stop 15 of 31)
Platform 2
Westbound Gateshead Stadium Yellow Line to St James (stop 12 of 42) Central Station
Green Line to Airport (stop 17 of 31)
Station buildings
Integrated at the bottom of a high rise brown brick building, with a modern brick/glass bus station to the west
Main ground level entrances from West Street beyond the north and south ends of the high rise
Protection from the elements
Tunnel roofs