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Girona is a city in the north-east of Catalonia, Spain. It is the capital of the catalan comarca of Gironès and the province of the same name. It has 83.531 inhabitants as of 2004. Its main industries are tourism and agriculture.
Coat of arms of Girona Location
Location: 41°59′00″N 2°49′00″E / 41.983333°N 2.816667°E / 41.983333; 2.816667

Catedral de Girona[edit]

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Església de Sant Feliu / Sant Feliu's church[edit]

El Call / The Jewry[edit]

El lleó i la lleona / The Lion and the lioness[edit]

Banys àrabs/Arab baths[edit]

La Muralla / The Wall[edit]

Les Cases del Riu / The river's houses[edit]

Obres de Rafael Masó / Rafael Masó's works[edit]

Ponts / bridges[edit]

Transports / Transportation[edit]


Mapes i gràfics / Maps and graphics[edit]

Altres / Others[edit]

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