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English: Handcuffs are devices to lock two wrists closely together.
Deutsch: Handschellen dienen zur Fesselung der Hände von Personen.
Español: Se llama esposas (en plural) a una o varias parejas de manillas encadenadas entre sí con las que se aprisionan las muñecas de alguien.
Polski: Kajdanki służą do unieruchamiania rąk
Português: Algemas são dispositivos mecânicos destinados a manter presos os pulsos de uma pessoa.


Handcuffed people[edit]


Some prisoners being transported from custody to outside locations, for appearances at court, to medical facilities, etc., will wear handcuffs augmented with a waist belt or chains.

Handcuff covers[edit]

A handcuff cover is a piece of plastic or metal that can be placed around a pair of handcuffs to convert a pair of standard handcuffs into rigid handcuffs and to cover the keyholes of the handcuffs for further security.