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Brief version history of HotCat[edit]

Version Date Main authors Description
Feb.–March 2018 User:Perhelion Apply change-tag "HotCat" +drop support for very old browsers like IE5 and Netscape, use $.getJSON
V2.36 Oct. 2017 User:Perhelion/User:Kaldari use again 'postEdit' hook as 'wikipage.content' led to a couple of bugs (phab:T103285)
V2.35 May–Sep. 2017 User:ESanders (WMF) Drop support older browsers and < MW 1.27, eslint ready
V2.34 May 2016 User:Matma Rex Do not use hook 'wikipage.content' on Special:Upload (phab:T131382)
V2.33 March 2016 User:Kaldari

Convert HotCat to load via 'wikipage.content' hook

V2.32 November 2015 User:Ryan Kaldari (WMF)

Reload HotCat after a page is saved by VisualEditor (phab:T103285)

V2.31 January 2015 User:Lupo

Remove all dependence on wgGlobals

V2.30 November 2014 User:Lupo

Minor fix in redirect resolution if a soft-redirected category page contains several category links.

V2.29 June 2014 User:Lupo

Add the wpUltimateParam parameter to the form; otherwise the server newly complains about not all of the form having been received. (MW 1.24wmf7 (b8870ae))

V2.28 May 2014 User:Lupo

Play nice with third-party Input method editors (IMEs). (Note that it worked already before with MediaWiki’s own Universal Language Selector.) HotCat now will not update its suggestion list or do auto-completion while a composition in an IME is ongoing to make sure not to interfere with the composition. It will update suggestions once the composition is done. Tested in

  • OS X 10.7.5 & 10.9.2: Firefox 28 & 29, Safari 6.1.3 (7537.75.14) & 7.0.3 (9537.75.14); OS X built-in Pinyin IME
  • Win XP: Firefox 3.6.27, Safari 4 (530.17); Microsoft Chinese (PRC) Pinyin IME and Google input tools Hindi
  • Windows 7: Firefox 28 & 29, Chrome 34.0.1847.131 m, IE 8, IE11; Microsoft Chinese (PRC) Pinyin IME and Google input tools Hindi
V2.27 April 2014 User:Lupo

Account for differences in Unicode normalizations. In some rare circumstances, it is still possible that auto-completion and redirect resolution may not work if the input is non-normalized (or actually, non-NFC-normalized) Unicode. HotCat will still work then, but might not auto-complete or resolve redirects. To solve that properly in HotCat, we'd need ECMAscript 6 String.prototype.normalize(), or at the very least have bugzilla:27849 fixed.

V2.26 November 2013 User:Lupo

Fix positioning of suggestion list in RTL based on a proposal by User:Ebraminio.

V2.25 November 2013 User:Lupo

Compatibility hack to account for deprecation-removal of old JavaScript API. C.f. [1].

V2.24 August 2013 User:Matma Rex

Change start-up code to use mw.loader.using('user', ...) to ensure that HotCat runs after the user module and thus can take into account user settings.

V2.23 June 2013 User:Lupo

Always load /local_defaults, even at the Commons. Makes it possible to override the default behavior also at the Commons without affecting other wikis that hotlink to the Commons version.

V2.22 March 2013 User:Lupo
  • Support for shortcuts.
  • Minor bug fix: don't add empty line if the page is empty and a category is added through HotCat, and also don't leave an empty line if the very first line of a page contains a category, and that is removed through HotCat.
V2.21 Dec 2012 User:Krinkle Changed the behavior of window.hotcat_translations_from_commons to be set to true by default if not set explicitly.
V2.20 Nov 2012 User:Lupo New config variable HotCat.del_needs_diff; if true, clicks on the deletion link "(–)" don't save automatically.
V2.19 May 2012 User:Lupo New message HotCat.messages.short_catchange to customize the "short" category change messages ("Category:Foo→Category:Bar"). May be useful to use a shorter namespace alias instead of the canonical category name.

Also fixes a bug in the display of resolution suggestions for disambiguation categories.

V2.18 March 2012 User:Lupo HotCat forces a diff view if it detects a self-edit conflict. Edit conflicts with oneself should normally not occur, but one user very very rarely got bitten by them. The cause is unclear; it may be a server-side bug (possibly bugzilla:27891), or it may occur if one editor has the same page open in several tabs, edits and saves in one, and then uses HotCat in the other (not reloaded) tab. Since the MediaWiki software suppresses edit conflicts with oneself, the result could be that HotCat inadvertently undid intervening edits by the same user. HotCat now tries to detect this rare situation and guards against it by not submitting the edit automatically if it thinks this has occurred. Instead, it'll show a diff screen with the MediaWiki:Editingold warning shown.
V2.17 Feb 2012 User:Lupo Message Hotcat.messages.multi_change (used in edit summaries) now supports mw.language.convertPlural() for languages that have several plural forms.
V2.16 Feb 2012 User:Lupo Prepare for the upcoming MW 1.19 release: no longer uses the old sajax_init_object() from ajax.js.
V2.15 Jan 2012 User:Lupo Support for intercepting the page edit HotCat will make: the form has an ID and triggers an onsubmit event.
V2.14 Jan 2012 User:Lupo Minor changes when used on the upload form: moved category bar from the "options" section to the end of the "description" section, and fix label display. Support for running code once HotCat is fully initialized.
V2.13 Dec 2011 User:Lupo When switching between multiple open editors, redisplay suggestion list and reset last selection. When initially opening a category editor, place text caret at the end of the category, even when there is a sort key. Fix layout problems on IE6 (didn't redraw category list correctly when the editor was opened) and on Opera 9.50 (search engine selector had a zero width). Code cleanup and minor refactoring. Tested on IE6, IE8, FF3.6, Safari 4, Opera 9.50 & 10, Chrome 4.
V2.12 Dec 2011 User:Lupo Improved handling of edge cases such as hidden characters in wikitext (Unicode left-to-right marks and such inside category links). Version history moved from a code comment to here.
V2.11 Oct 2011 User:Lupo Various post MW1.18 fixes; disable by default for non-existing file pages.
V2.10 Sep 2011 User:Lupo Make compatible with new upcoming UL-LI DOM for categories and adapt for protocol-relative URLs.
V2.9 July 2011 User:Lupo Properly delay start-up of HotCat until localizations are loaded. Also, fix skipping interwikis and newline before new category.
V2.8 July 2011 User:Lupo Don't remove "Uncategorized" template if only hidden categories are added.
V2.7 March 2011 User:Lupo Fixes for being loaded as a gadget through the resource loader.
V2.6 Feb 2011 User:Ciencia Al Poder & User:Lupo Get rid of old URI-param based edit interface, preventing unwanted single-category changes following malicious links.
V2.5 Jan 2011 User:Lupo Blacklist
V2.4 Oct 2010 User:TheDJ & User:Lupo Switch to not enable on upload form, ability to load translations from the Commons. Major/minor edit flag configurable; fix a minor bug with the "Warn upon empty edit summary" user preference.
V2.3 Aug 2010 User:Lupo Page up/down for scrolling in suggestion lists; suggestion list size configurable; minor bug fixes.
V2.2 May 2010 User:Lupo Porting additions from de-WP to the Commons, auto-localization of template namespace name, cleanup, various other improvements. New features: highlighting of changed categories, enabling/disabling save button, search engine name localization, parent category engine.
V2.1 May 2010 User:Merlissimo Added features: namespace case insensitive, subcategory search engine, category template mapping for removing; developed at de-Wikipedia.
V2.0 April-May 2010 User:Lupo Complete rewrite reusing only a little code from V0.0.
V0.0 July 2001–2010-05-26: User:Magnus Manske, many others Original version by User:Magnus Manske, with lots of additions by many editors, notably User:Dschwen, User:TheDJ, User:Superm401, and User:Lupo. No explicit license, assumed multi-licensed GFDL and CC-BY-SA-3.0 per normal wiki submissions.