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This page explains how to nominate multiple pages or media files for deletion at the Deletion requests. For more information about deletions, see the Deletion policy. For a tool that allows mass-nominating of files based on several criteria, see Help:VisualFileChange.js.

1. Create the nomination subpage

Type the title of the nomination subpage you want to create (e.g. "Files uploaded by User:XYZ") after the slash in the box below and click the submit button. This will take you to the nomination page in edit mode, with a basic outline of the nomination automatically filled in.

On the nomination page, list the files you intend to nominate and describe why you're nominating them. Don't forget to sign your name with four tildes (~~~~). A typical nomination might look something like this:

=== {{subst:SUBPAGENAME}} ===
* [[:File:Some image.jpg]]
* [[:File:Some other image.jpg]]
* [[:File:Yet another image.jpg]]
These images were all uploaded by [[User:XYZ]].  I believe they should be deleted because [insert reason here].  ~~~~

Preview the page to make sure it looks OK and save it.

2. Tag the nominated files

Add the following template to the description pages of all the files you're nominating. Replace "Nomination subpage" with the text you typed after the slash in the box above (e.g. "Files uploaded by User:XYZ"), and "Reason for deletion" with (a short summary of) the reason you gave for deleting these files (e.g. "All files of [[User:XYZ]] are suspected copyright violations.").

{{delete|reason=Reason for deletion|subpage=Nomination subpage|year=2021|month=May|day=11}}

3. Add the nomination to the daily list

Edit today's deletion request log and add to the end of it a line containing the full title of the nomination subpage (e.g. "Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by User:XYZ") surrounded by double curly braces ("{{" and "}}"), like this:

{{Commons:Deletion requests/Nomination subpage}}

If you're not the first person to nominate something for deletion that day, there should be several other similar lines on the page already. Leave them there and add yours after them.

4. Notify the uploader(s)

Notify the uploader(s) of the files by adding the following template to their user talk page(s), again replacing "Nomination subpage" with the text you typed after the slash in the box above:

{{subst:idw||Nomination subpage|plural}} ~~~~

Note the two pipes before the subpage title — they're not a typo.