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This page is for deletion requests where users request the deletion of media files or pages (deletion requests for categories are posted via Commons:Categories for discussion). This is for requests that require legal input or community discussion prior to eventual deletion. Obvious copyright violations, duplicate images, and incorrectly-named images should be handled through the speedy deletion process rather than listed here.

Please note: The procedures on this page differ significantly from those of other Wikimedia projects such as the English Wikipedia's Files for discussion. Please read the following instructions carefully.


Anyone can comment on the deletion requests posted here, and can express an opinion as to whether a particular file should be kept or deleted. Please give reasons for your opinion, preferably based on your knowledge of:

Once an administrator has sufficient information to come to a decision, the deletion request will be closed and the file either deleted or flagged as kept. Where the decision to delete is an obvious one (eg the file is an obvious copyright violation or is otherwise speedy deletable) the deletion request may be closed immediately. Less clear cases should remain open for at least seven days. Complicated cases can remain open for weeks or even months.

The debates are not votes, and the closing admin will apply copyright law and Commons policy to the best of their ability in determining whether the file should be deleted or kept. Any expressed consensus will be taken into account so far as possible, but consensus can never trump copyright law nor can it override Commons Policy. If the closing admin is unable to say with reasonable certainty that the file can validly be kept, it should be deleted in accordance with Commons' precautionary principle.

It is not the task of the closing admin to engage in detailed legal or factual research in order to find a rationale to keep the file. Under the rules of evidence we apply here, the burden of showing that the file can be validly hosted here lies with the uploader and anyone arguing that it should be kept.

Deletion requests are not the place to attempt to change Commons policy, nor may requests be made simply to make a point. Any such requests may be speedily closed. Please use the Village Pump or the policy talk page if you wish to propose a change in policy.

Starting requests

Click Nominate for deletion on the page you would like to nominate for deletion (more information on the gadget).
  • You can nominate individual media files directly by going to the media description page and clicking on Nominate for deletion in the Tools menu on the left. More detailed instructions and browser requirements are described at the help page. Click Nominate for deletion only on the page you would like to nominate for deletion.
If you prefer to list the request manually, see Commons:Deletion requests/Listing a request manually.

If the media is a duplicate use {{Duplicate}}, or was uploaded under the wrong file name, use {{Rename}}.

Nomination guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to make the deletion request as complete and clear as possible:

  1. When requesting deletion of a duplicate, add the link to the duplicate image. The closing admin needs to see it.
  2. When requesting deletion of a redundant file, link to the redundant image. The closing admin needs to see it.
  3. When nominating an image suspected of copyright violation, say why the image is a suspected copyvio. The more detail, the better (a deletion request that only casts a vague accusation can be considered as "incomplete"). And "small size and missing EXIF data" is not a deletion reason by itself (at best that is merely supporting evidence for copyvio).
  4. When nominating all the files of a category, list every file (not just the category itself). The closing admin needs to be able to easily click in the DR to access each image.
  5. When participating in a discussion of a mass deletion (i.e. 10+ images), strike out the images that are agreed to be kept, strike them in the original list.
  6. When requesting deletion of nudity/sex/porn related images, mention this in the nomination. This allows reviewers and admins to prepare themselves or choose not to review.

Closing discussions

In general, requests can be closed by an administrator after seven days. Deletion requests for obvious copyright violations can be closed earlier. Problematic or complex requests (such as highly used templates) can wait longer – even for several months if necessary. Non-admins may close a deletion request as keep if they have a good understanding of the process, and provided the closure is not controversial. If in doubt, don't do it.

Users closing deletion requests are expected to provide adequate explanation for their decision. In many cases, where there is little discussion and no disagreement with the request, no details are required. However the more complex a discussion, and the more users have argued for the opposite outcome than the administrator's decision, the clearer the explanation of the decision is required. In any event, administrators are expected to clarify or explain their decisions on request.

The nominator may request early closure or withdrawal of a deletion request they started by adding a comment in the deletion request, for example when subsequent edits have corrected problems or missing details on the image page. Deletion requests must not be closed by the nominator that created them unless done before anyone else has contributed to the request.

Administrators are encouraged to check whether the uploader was notified on their talk page of the pending deletion request (unless the image is an obvious violation, in which case the image can be speedy deleted).


  1. Add {{Delh}} just above the section head with the file in it.
  2. Add a line (----), then, on a new line, either Kept or Deleted, an optional comment, your signature (~~~~), and {{DeletionFooter}} at the bottom of the request.
  3. If the discussion concluded to keep the file:
    1. Add {{Kept}} to the file talkpage.
    2. Remove the deletion template from the file description page.
  4. If necessary, add/re-categorize the deletion request into appropriate categories.

Appealing decisions

If you disagree with an admin's decision to delete a file, or not to delete it, you should first set out your reasons on the admin's talk page and ask for reconsideration.

If the admin declines to reverse the decision, you can request a review:

  • for a file that was deleted, at Commons:Undeletion requests
  • for a file that was kept, by renominating it for deletion. This should not be done unless you can add new information or clarification.

Bear in mind, though, that admins cannot ignore Commons policies or any applicable copyright law even if a majority of users expressing opinions want them to do so.

Lists of requests

If this section appears to be out of date, purge the server cache.

Archived requests
Open requests

Here is a list of the monthly logs that still have open deletion requests. Anything older than 7 days may be closed. Obvious closures (e.g. speedy deletions) may be done earlier. See also: Category:Deletion requests.

Current requests

Latest requests to be closed

These are the newest deletion requests that are eligible to be closed. For more, see Commons:Deletion requests/Older discussions.

Most recent deletion requests

These are the deletion requests from the past week, and are eligible to be closed only if the decision to close is obvious (e.g. requests that should have been filed as speedy deletions). If not obvious, or if more discussion would be valuable, these should be left until at least seven days have elapsed.