Inspiration Mars

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English: Inspiration Mars Foundation' is an American non-profit organization founded by Dennis Tito which aims to launch a manned mission to flyby Mars in January 2018. The foundation believes exploration of space provides a catalyst for growth, national prosperity, knowledge and global leadership. By taking advantage of this unique window of opportunity, the Inspire Mars Foundation intends to revitalize interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.
日本語: Inspiration Mars 財団'はDennis Titoによって設立されたアメリカの非営利団体で2018年1月に火星近傍を通過する事を目指す。財団は宇宙探査は成長への触媒であり、国威発揚、知見と世界的な主導権をもたらすと信じる。