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English: Jokhang 大昭寺 is a temple and the surrounding square in Lhasa, Tibet.
Français : Jokhang 大昭寺 est un le nom d'un temple et de la place qui l'entoure à Lhasa au Tibet.
Slovenščina: Jokhang (大昭寺) je svetišče v Lhasi, prestolnici Tibeta.
The Jokhang Temple
Jokhang Square, the first destination or drop-off for most tourists to Lhasa
Many pilgrims travel long distances on foot to come to Jokhang.
Prayer and prostration in front of the Jokhang (II).
Prayer and prostration in front of the Jokhang.
Ornamentation, drapes, and flags decorate the Temple of Jokhang.
Incense Burner in Front of Jokhang
March, 2006
in Jokhang
Picture in Temple of Jokhang
View from the Roof over the Jokhang Sqare
Fresco in Temple of Jokhang
Golden Stupa on the Roof
Jokhang Temple August 6.jpg