Libellus De Quinque Corporibus Regularibus de Piero della Francesca

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The codex : Libellus De Quinque Corporibus Regularibus
Piero della Francesca

This codex was written by Piero della Francesca around the year 1480.

The only known copy is to be found in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana under the reference Vat.Urb.632 and can be consulted on-line.

A critical edition of the codex was published in 1995 :

della Francesca, Piero () Libellus de quinque corporibus regularibus : Edition critique del codice Vaticano Urbenato Latino 632 (Edizione nazionale degli scritti di Piero della Francesca ed.), Florence: Guinti ISBN: 9788809010208.

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The covering pages[edit]

The dedication[edit]

Part I : Plane geometrical figures[edit]

Part II : Polyhedra inscribed in a sphere[edit]

Part III : Polyhedra inscribed in other polyhedra[edit]

Part IV : Semi-regular polyhedra[edit]