List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1891

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1891-01-03 Sir P Magnus Technical Education sTel M 0493
Philip Magnus Vanity Fair 3 January 1891.jpg
1891-01-10 Mr Christopher Wyndham Wilson Mr Christopher W Wilson Spy M 0494
Christopher Wyndham Wilson Vanity Fair 10 January 1891.jpg
1891-01-17 Mr Alfred Cock QC He has leathern lungs and a voice of brass STUFF M 0495
Alfred Cock, Vanity Fair, 1891-01-17.jpg
1891-01-24 Gen Sir James Charlemagne Dormer KCB Madras BINT M 0496
James Charlemagne Dormer, Vanity Fair, 1891-01-24.jpg
1891-01-31 Sir George Grove DCL LLD G Spy M 0497
George Grove, Vanity Fair, 1891-01-31.jpg
1891-02-07 Mr Cornelius Marshall Warmington QC MP Directors' liability STUFF S 576
Cornelius Marshall Warmington, Vanity Fair, 1891-02-07.jpg
1891-02-14 Mr Richard D'Oyly Carte Royal English Opera Spy M 0498
1891-02-21 Mr William Black Mr William Black Spy M 0499
William Black Vanity Fair 21 February 1891.jpg
1891-02-28 Prince Henri D'Orleans The Duc D'Aumale GUTH P 14
Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d'Orléans, Vanity Fair, 1891-02-28.jpg
1891-03-07 Mr AW Pinero Lady Bountiful Spy M 0500
Arthur Wing Pinero Vanity Fair 7 March 1891.jpg
1891-03-14 Sir Francis Knollys KCMG CB Sir Francis Knollys Spy M 0501
Francis Knollys, Vanity Fair, 1891-03-14.jpg
1891-03-21 Lord Ampthill OUBC Spy M 0502
Ampthill Lord Vanity Fair 1891-03-21.jpg
1891-03-28 The Hon CJ Rhodes The Cape Spy M 0503
Cecil Rhodes, Vanity Fair, 1891-03-28.jpg
1891-04-04 Mr Charles Scotter London and South Western Railway Spy M 0504
Charles Scotter Vanity Fair 4 April 1891.jpg
1891-04-11 Sir FH Jeune Matrimonial Causes STUFF J 31
Francis Jeune Vanity Fair 11 April 1891.jpg
1891-04-18 M C de Freycinet French Warfare GUTH S 577
Charles de Freycinet Vanity Fair 18 April 1891.jpg
1891-04-25 Sir John Bridge Chief Magistrate Spy M 0505
Sir John Bridge Vanity Fair 25 April 1891.jpg
1891-05-02 M V Sardou Thermidor GUTH M 0506
Victorien Sardou, Vanity Fair, 1891-05-02.jpg
1891-05-09 Mr Charles Frederick Gill Gill Brass Spy M 0507
Charles Frederick Gill Vanity Fair 9 May 1891.jpg
1891-05-16 Capt Francis Pavy Railway Trusts Spy M 0508
Francis Pavy Vanity Fair 16 May 1891.jpg
1891-05-23 Mr Thomas Beard Under Sheriff Spy M 0509
Thomas Beard Vanity Fair 23 May 1891.jpg
1891-05-30 The Rt Hon Sir Edward Fry Specific Performance Spy J 32
Edward Fry, Vanity Fair, 1891-05-30.jpg
1891-06-06 Mr JB Maple MP Cheap fares Spy S 578
John Blundell Maple, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-06.jpg
1891-06-13 Mr S Bancroft B Spy M 0510
Squire Bancroft, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-13.jpg
1891-06-20 Mr J Aird MP North Paddington Spy S 579
John Aird, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-20.jpg
1891-06-27 Mr Justice Wright He declined a Knighthood but thought better of it STUFF J 33
Justice Wright, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-27.jpg
1891-07-04 The Emperor of Morocco The Emperor of Morocco Pry So 18
Muley Hassan.jpg
1891-07-11 Lord Iveagh Guinness Trust Spy M 0511
Lord Iveagh Vanity Fair 11 July 1891.jpg
1891-07-18 Rear-Adm Edward Field RN JP MP The Yellow Admiral Spy S 580
Edward Field Vanity Fair 18 July 1891.jpg
1891-07-25 Mr M Biddulph MP South Herefordshire Spy S 581
Michael Biddulph, Vanity Fair, 1891-07-25.jpg
1891-08-01 Mr HH Asquith QC MP East Fife Spy S 582
Herbert Henry Asquith Vanity Fair 1 August 1891.jpg
1891-08-08 M J de Reszke Polish Tenor Spy M 0512
Reszke ward.jpg
1891-08-15 Mr AN Hornby Monkey STUFF M 0513
Albert Hornby.jpg
1891-08-22 Maj-Gen Charles Taylor du Plat Senior Equerry Spy M 0514
Charles Taylor du Plat Vanity Fair 1891-08-22.jpg
1891-08-29 Sir John Stainer MA MusDoc Oxford Music Spy M 0515
John Stainer Vanity Fair 29 August 1891.jpg
1891-09-05 The Archbishop of York From the Army to the Church Spy M 0516
William Dalrymple Maclagan Vanity Fair 5 September 1891.jpg
1891-09-12 M Jan Marie Constantin van Beers The Modern Wiertz Spy M 0517
Jan Van Beers Vanity Fair 12 September 1891.jpg
1891-09-19 The Earl of Harrington Yeoman-like Polo Lib S 583
Earl of Harrington Vanity Fair 19 September 1891.jpg
1891-09-26 Mr Harry Seymour Foster A Sheriff Spy M 0518
Harry Seymour Foster Vanity Fair 1891-09-26.jpg
1891-10-03 Col The Hon Herbert Francis Eaton Brown Spy M 0519
Eaton HF Vanity Fair 1891-10-03.jpg
1891-10-10 The Ven FW Farrar DD Chaplain to the Commons Spy M 0520
Frederic William Farrar Vanity Fair 10 October 1891.jpg
1891-10-17 HH Tunkoo Abubeker Bin Ibrahim GCMG KCSI Johore KYO So 19
1891-10-24 Herbert Mornington Cannon Morny Spy M 0521
Herbert Mornington Cannon Vanity Fair 24 October 1891.jpg
1891-10-31 Sir Peter Henry Edlin QC JP DL London Sessions Spy J 34
Peter Henry Edlin, Vanity Fair, 1891-10-31.jpg
1891-11-07 Mr Hwfa Williams Sandown Park Spy M 0522
Hwfa Williams Vanity Fair 7 November 1891.jpg
1891-11-14 Prof JH Gladstone PhD FRS Chemistry and Optics Spy M 0523
John Hall Gladstone Vanity Fair 14 November 1891.jpg
1891-11-21 Gen Sir Michael Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph KCB The Regalia Spy M 0524
Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph Vanity Fair 21 November 1891.jpg
1891-11-28 Capt Edward Rodney Owen Roddy Spy M 0525
Edward Rodney Owen Vanity Fair 1891-11-28.jpg
1891-12-05 Group of jurists Bench and Bar STUFF WS; double print
Bench and Bar Vanity Fair 5 December 1891.jpg
1891-12-12 The Hon Sir Robert Romer Bob STUFF J 35
Sir Robert Romer 12 December 1891.jpg
1891-12-19 Mr JW Lowther LLM DL MP Foreign Affairs Spy S 584
James William Lowther, Vanity Fair, 1891-12-19.jpg
1891-12-26 Mr GF Watts RA DCL LLD He paints portraits & ideas Spy M 0526
George Frederic Watts Vanity Fair 26 December 1891.JPG