Louisiana Purchase Exposition

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The Louisiana Purchase Exposition was the World's Fair held in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States of America in 1904.

Stereocard views[edit]

Images marked "*" have detailed original captions.

General View of "The Pike" *
crowds on The Pike
Bird's Eye View from Buffalo Tower *
Bird's Eye view of the Fair
Festival Hall
Cascades and Festival Hall
Palace of Electricity *
Electricity Building at Night
Grand Basin
Grand Stairway of Cascade Garden *
Illinois State Building *
Palace of Varied Industries *
Battle Abbey on The Pike *
The Main Court of "Asia" on the Pike *
Royal Gateway to China Exhibit *
U.S. War Department Exhibit *
Administration Building *
East Lagoon, Palaces of Education & Manufacture, Wireless Telegraphy Tower *
West Lagoon