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The Louvre is a museum in Paris.

Remote view of Tuileries gardens and Louvre museum
(in the middle, in the photo left of the Seine River in Paris, 2006)
Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre (Paris Metro)
Metro palais royal carrousel1.jpg Détail de la station de métro du Palais-Royal (Hector Guimard) (2568008425).jpg
(Audio: Ligne 1, 20 s)
Pavilions of Palais du Louvre

A possible entrance for virtual visitors to Louvre Museum: Italian paintings in the Louvre - Room 14: → description page

Musée du Louvre[edit]

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Hall Napoléon[edit]

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History of the Louvre and the medieval Louvre[edit]

Egyptian antiquities[edit]

Near Eastern antiquities[edit]

Greek antiquities[edit]

Etruscan antiquities[edit]

Italian painting[edit]

Grande Galerie[edit]

French painting[edit]

Northern schools[edit]

Decorative arts[edit]

Gallery of Apollo[edit]

Napoleon III apartments[edit]




By department[edit]

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By inventory number[edit]

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Musée des Arts Décoratifs[edit]