Maginot Line

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  • English: The Maginot Line consists of stratigically located and spaced independent defensive sites initially intended to overcome the lack available male soldiers to staff an army following the tremendous loss of French men from World War 1. The thinking was that a use of various weaponry at stratic locations would offer a strong enough defence with minimal staffing to deter any aggressor long enough for the French military to mobilize it's army and provide an appropriate defensive response. The original plans called for an extensive setup of defeniseve static underground fortificons that would support distributed gun enplacements lnstalled at loctions that provided overlapping artillary coverage, support by various sized cannons, mortors, machine gun enplacements, anti-tank trenches, etc.. While intended to protects Frances entire border, the project was hampered by Politics, lack of funding, embezzlement, and other issues that ultimately forced trimming of the line to elimiante areas considered to be safe do to bordering nutral countes or around areas considered to be too difficult for an enemy to penetrate such as the Ardens forests. The result was a at the area of the Frence borders with Germany and Itialy but no defensive provisioning on the Belgiu and Swiss borders.
  • Deutsch: Die Maginot-Linie ist ein französisches Verteidigungssystem, bestehend aus vielen Bunkern entlang der französischen Grenze zu Deutschland.
  • Français : La ligne Maginot est une structure défensive constituée de forts mise en place par la France entre les deux guerres mondiales.
  • Español: La línea Maginot era una línea de fortificaciones de hormigón, obstáculos para tanques, puestos de ametralladoras y otras defensas que Francia construyó a lo largo de sus fronteras con Alemania e Italia antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
  • Italiano: La Linea Maginot era una linea fortificata costituita da forti e bunker, posta al confine tra la Germania e la Francia, durante la seconda Guerra Mondiale