Mark 8 Landing Craft Tank

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English: The Mark 8 (or Mk VIII) Landing Craft Tank were Second World War British landing craft but none of which saw service in that conflict.

L4001 HMS Redoubt[edit]

L4002 HMAV Agheila[edit]

L4037 HMS Rampart / HMAV Akyab[edit]

L4039 HMS Parapet[edit]

L4040 HMS Bastion[edit]

L4041 HMAV Abbeville[edit]

L4043 HMS Counterguard[edit]

L4061 RASCV / HMAV Audemer[edit]

L4062 RASCV Aachen[edit]

L4073 RASCV Ardennes[edit]

L4074 RASCV Antwerp[edit]

L4097 RASCV Andalsnes[edit]

L4128 HMAV Arezzo[edit]


L4164 RASCV Arakan[edit]

The "new" HMAV Ardennes - L4001 Landing Craft Logistic(LCL) Launched 1977 and the "new" HMAV Arakan - L4003 Landing Craft Logistic (LCL) Launched 1978 are currently (Nov 2010) moored next to each other in Lowestoft, and both craft have been there for some considerable time.