Middlebush Giant

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The Middlebush Giant (May 5, 1837 - February 12, 1889) was most commonly known as Colonel Routh Goshen, but this was a stage name that was created by Phineas Taylor Barnum. He was billed as the tallest man in the world at 7 feet, 11 inches (240 cm) and 620 pounds (280 kg) but was most likely no more than 7 feet, 5 inches (226 cm) and 400 pounds (180 kg). While his birth name and date of birth were kept a secret, a letter that surfaced indicated that his birth name was Arthur James Caley and he was born on the Isle of Man in 1827. Others sources said he was born in Jerusalem on May 05, 1837. His true origins are still obscured by the many apocryphal biographies that were created to publicise him.