Mil Mi-2

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English: Mi-2 - is a small, lightly armored transport helicopter that could also provide close air support.
Русский: Ми-2 - советский многоцелевой вертолёт, разработанный ОКБ М. Л. Миля в начале 1960-х годов.
Polski: Mi-2 - średni, wielozadaniowy, z trójłopatowym wirnikiem nośnym, śmigłowiec zaprojektowany przez radzieckie biuro konstrukcyjne Michaiła Mila, seryjnie produkowany jedynie przez zakłady PZL w Świdniku.

Maps and plans[edit]


  • V-2 First prototype.
  • V-2V Armament prototype.
  • Mi-2 Platan Aerial minelayer version.
  • Mi-2A
  • Mi-2B Upgraded export version for the Middle East, fitted with improved systems and navigational aids.
  • Mi-2Ch Chekla Chemical reconnaissance / smokescreen layer version.
  • Mi-2D Przetacznik Aerial command post equipped with R-111 radio.
  • Mi-2FM Survey version.
  • Mi-2P Passenger / cargo version, with accommodation for 6 passengers.
  • Mi-2R Agricultural version.
  • Mi-2RL Land rescue/ambulance version.
  • Mi-2RM Sea rescue version equipped with electric winch for two people and dropped rafts.
  • Mi-2Ro Reconnaissance version equipped with cameras.
  • UMi-2Ro Reconnaissance trainer version.
  • Mi-2RS Padalec Chemical and biohazard reconnaissance version.
  • Mi-2S Air ambulance version, equipped to carry four litters, plus an attendant.
  • Mi-2Sz Dual-control training version.
  • Mi-2T Cargo/utility version.
  • Mi-2U Dual-control training version.
  • Mi-2US Armed version fitted with a fixed 23mm NS-23 cannon, 4 x 7,62mm PKT machine gun pods and optional cabin PK machine gun.
  • Mi-2URN Żmija ('Viper') Armed reconnaissance variant armed with a fixed 23mm NS-23 gun and two 16x57mm S-5 unguided rocket pods Mars-2. Optional 7,62mm PK machine gun window-mounted.
  • Mi-2URP Salamandra ('Salamander') Gunship and anti-tank variant, armed with 23mm NS-23 gun, optional window-mounted 7,62mm PK machine gun, and 4x AT-3 Sagger (9M14M Malutka) wire-guided missiles on external weapons racks and 4x additional missiles in the cargo compartment.
  • Mi-2URP-G Gniewosz Mi-2URP with additional 4x AA missiles Strzała-2 (Strela 2) in two Gad rocket launchers.
  • Mi-2 Plus Upgraded Mi-2 with uprated GTD-350W2 engines, all-composite rotor blades, new avionics and some other modifications.
  • Mi-3 Planned Mi-2 derivative that lacked suitable engines for the program to continue.