NRCS New York distribution maps

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The maps contained in these galleries have been created using the plantmapper tool from the USDA PLANT database. These can be obtained in several ways. The easiest is to search the PLANTS database for the desired plant and (if available) save, crop, redimension and clean the corresponding map using a graphics editing program. If the desired map is not available for that plant, or if the map is incorrect or outdated, a blank or similar map can be modified using a graphics editing program. Alternatively the plantmapper can be passed a state code, a list of county codes and map dimensions using an internet browser. This way a more detailed map with the correct locations can be obtained. The maps in these galleries use a template that provides a link to the USDA plantmapper for each plant distribution map. The template takes as parameters, the taxon name, a state code, and a county list, which can be either a string of county codes, or separate county names. The template also displays a thumbnail of the corresponding map if it has been uploaded to commons.


  1. Equisetales, Ophioglossales, Osmundales, Hymenophyllales, Schizaeales, Salviniales
  2. Polypodiales
  3. Pinales
  4. Dioscoreales, Liliales
  5. Fabales
  6. Rosales
  7. Violales
  8. Myrtales, Crossosomatales
  9. Sapindales
  10. Malvales
  11. Solanales
  12. Lamiales
  13. Asterales

Reference maps[edit]

All counties NY-dist-map.png
All. counties
No counties NY-dist-map.png
No. counties
Tompkins only NY-dist-map.png
Tompkins. only
All counties nymap.svg No counties nymap.svg Albany county only nymap.svg Bronx county only nymap.svg Chemung county only nymap.svg Floerkea proserpinacoides nymap.svg