Octagonal churches

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Select images of Octagonal churche buildings. An octagonal church has an octagonal (eight-sided polygon) architectural plan. This category also includes shapes that are not regular octagons (i.e., not necessarily equiangular or equilateral), as well as buildings with extensions (choir, porch, narthex) that depart from the purely octagonal shape.

By country or region[edit]

Germany and the Netherlands[edit]

Nordic and Baltic countries[edit]

USA and United Kingdom[edit]


Other countries[edit]

By design[edit]

Central tower[edit]

Asymmetrical tower[edit]

Pure octagon[edit]

Elongated shape[edit]

Nave may be regular octagon, but with notable extensions (arms) in two directions (east-west)

Mixed cruciform and octagonal[edit]

Other shapes[edit]