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Podcast #1 - How Cristian Consonni built WikiMirror to help Turkish Wikipedia readers access Wikipedia[edit]

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This podcast features Cristian Consonni of Wikimedia Italy who is a Wikipedia editor and a PhD student. Cristian has built a tool called WikiMirror that allows anyone to access Wikipedia in Turkey where the authorities blocked access to Wikipedia in the context of purges during 2016-17 following 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt.

Podcast #2 - Joel Aldor about the Philippine Heritage Map project[edit]

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In Philippines, a group of volunteers are mapping data of cultural heritage in danger using Open Source tools
A group of conscious people at the Philippine Heritage Map are mapping the heritage data of the country that is vulnerable to many natural disasters, and helping the government to protect the monuments before any potential disaster. In this episode, Joel Aldor who leads the project, shares their work, collaboration with other government entities in the country, and grassroots mobilization.