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Pajeon is a variety of jeon, a pancake-like Korean dish made mostly of eggs and flour, with green onion. It is comparable to Korean pizza since one can add several different ingredients to it. Kimchi and seafood, such as squid, are added along with other vegetables such as carrots, onions, etc. Haemul pajeon is a variant of the above but with seafood added. Pajeon is often eaten while drinking Makkeolli.


Haemul pajeon[edit]

한국어: 해물파전
English: Haemul pajeon, a variety of pajeon including seafood

Dongnae pajeon[edit]

English: Dongnae pajeon, a Busan-style pancake made with whole scallions, sliced chili pepper, chopped seafood and wheat flour batter
한국어: 동래파전, 부산식의 파전으로 동내는 옛부산의 이름이다.