Poggio a Caiano

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English: Poggio a Caiano is a municipality in Tuscany, Italy.
Italiano: Poggio a Caiano è un comune in Toscana, Italia.

Poggio a Caiano[edit]

Churches in Poggio a Caiano[edit]

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Siege at the villa 2011[edit]

Medici Villa[edit]

Entrance to the Villa[edit]


Lower Loggia[edit]

Upper Loggia[edit]

Ground Floor[edit]

First Floor[edit]

Second Floor-Museum of still life[edit]

The Park[edit]

Views from the inside to outside[edit]

Medici Stables[edit]

Ardengo Soffici Museum[edit]

Cribs from all the world[edit]

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Villages in Poggio a caiano[edit]


Medici Park-Bargo Mediceo[edit]

Medici bridge[edit]


Santa Cristina in Pilli[edit]

Madonna del Violo[edit]

Other Villages[edit]