Postmarks of Bavaria

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This page refers to the postmarks or cancellations placed in the territory of the modern federal state (Land) of Bavaria (Germany).

Historical, most common, postmarks are illustrated by type. Official literature names are given in (German).

DBP 1992 1587 Wappen Bayern.jpg

Linear (Einzeilige Stempel)[edit]

Classic in pre-stamp period (Von, DE ...).

Half-circles (Halbkreisstempel)[edit]

In use before 1 August 1850.

Numbers (Nummern)[edit]

Closed millwheel (Geschlossene Mühlrad)[edit]

In use since 1 August 1850. The numbers 1 to 603 were attributed twice (I. und II. Verteilung, ab 1856).

Open millwheel (Offene Mühlrad)[edit]

Numbers between 2 (Abensberg) and 605 (Zweibrücken) in alphabetical order. Numbers 607 to 920 given at the post-office opening date (1857-1869).[1]

Circles (Einkreis)[edit]

Single circle (Einkreis)[edit]

In use since 1867[2] (22 mm). A smaller version (Fingerhut 18 mm[3]) exists from 1833 ca. Note the hour indication (Vor or Nm Nachmittag).

Double circle (Zweikreis)[edit]

The month is given in 3 letters. Sorted by cancel date.



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