Postmarks of Romania

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Cancellations or Postmarks stamped within the borders of the current Romania territory.


Sent from BISTRITZ to Princesse d' Auersperg, Prag, around 1830

Philately in older context[edit]

Austrian Empire period (1850-1867)[edit]

Moldavia (issued 1858)[edit]

The Principality of Romania (1862-1880)[edit]

Austrian monarchy (1867-1918)[edit]

Southern part of the Bucovina province (districts of Gurahumora, Kimpolung, Radautz, Sereth and Suczawa), not annexed by the Soviet Union.

Kingdom of Hungary (1867-1918)[edit]

Sorted by cancellation year

Austria-Hungary Occupation (1917-18)[edit]

Kingdom of Romania (1881-1940)[edit]