Proto-Canaanite alphabet

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"Proto-Semitic"* Phoenician Hebrew
Proto-semiticA-01.svg PhoenicianA-01.svg א Aleph
Proto-semiticB-01.svg PhoenicianB-01.svg ב Beth
Proto-semiticG-01.svg PhoenicianG-01.png ג Gimel
Proto-semiticD-01.svgProto-semiticD-02.svg PhoenicianD-01.png ד Daleth
Proto-semiticE-01.svg PhoenicianE-01.png ה He
Proto-semiticW-01.svg PhoenicianW-01.png ו Waw
Proto-semiticZ-01.svg PhoenicianZ-01.png ז Zayin
Proto-semiticH-01.svg PhoenicianH-01.png ח Het
  PhoenicianTet-01.png ט Tet
Proto-semiticI-02.svg PhoenicianI-01.png י Yod
Proto-semiticK-01.svg PhoenicianK-01.png כ Kaph
Proto-semiticL-01.svg PhoenicianL-01.png ל Lamed
Proto-semiticM-01.svg PhoenicianM-01.png מ Mem
Proto-semiticN-01.svg PhoenicianN-01.png נ Nun
  PhoenicianX-01.png ס Samekh
Proto-semiticO-01.svg PhoenicianO-01.png ע Ayin
Proto-semiticP-01.svg PhoenicianP-01.png פ Pe
  PhoenicianTsade-01.png צ Sade
Proto-semiticQ-01.svg PhoenicianQ-01.png ק Qoph
Proto-semiticR-01.svg PhoenicianR-01.png ר Resh
Proto-semiticS-01.svg PhoenicianS-01.png ש Shin / Sin
Proto-semiticT-01.svg PhoenicianT-01.png ת Taw

*"Proto-Semitic alphabet" (font semear.ttf) is not a scholarly concept, nor is it historically attested, but is part of the theology of a particular religious group.