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Svenska: På Ragnhildsholmen i Nordre Älv, finns utgrävda ruinerna av en borg. Den byggdes på 1200-talet av Norges kung Håkon IV Håkonsson. Fästningen låg i närheten av den tidigmedeltida staden Kungahälla och spelade en viss roll i maktkampen mellan Magnus Ladulås söner kung Birger och hertigarna Erik och Valdemar. När Erik och Valdemar dött i Nyköpings gästabud och Birger flytt utomlands övergavs borgen. Den användes alltså under mindre än 100 år. Numera är Ragnhildsholmen ett utflyktmål och bl a fågelintresserade kommer dit för att lyssna på näktergalen. Ragnhildsholmen ligger i Göteborgs kommun.
English: In the mid-thirteenth century king Håkon Håkonsson of Norway had a fortress built on this hill, which was in those days an island called Ragnhildsholmen. Together with Kungahälla on the other side it sealed off the River to unauthorized traffic. The fortress was at first occupied by soldiers and their commanders, and also civilian officials close to the king. The courtyard measured 36 x 40 metres. Within there were wooden buildings on stone foundations. Excavations at the end of the nineteenth century show that the dwellings lay a long side the eastern wall, workshops to the west. There is also likely to have been a prison.

In the early fourteenth century Duke Erik held sway on Ragnhildsholmen. He received the fortress as a gift when he helped King Håkon of Norway to attack his own brother Birger, King of Sweden. Erik´s alliance with Norway was confirmed by his engagement to Håkons daughter, Ingeborg. It was ac chaotic age, filled with treachery and unholy alliances. In 1307 Håkon conspires with Birger and the King of Denmark, to lay siege to Erik´s fastness on Ragnhildsholmen. But after a few weeks the Nordic kings realign themselves again. Erik marries Ingeborg in 1313 and begins to make plans for his own West Nordic kingdom. But before he can gather his forces and make new alliances, he and his brother Valdemar are imprisoned by Birger and left to starve to death.

The history of Ragnhildsholmen existed no more than 100 years. Stone was probably taken from here to Bohus Fortress, construction of wich began in 1308 at a more strategic position where the river divedes.