Ravindra Prabhat

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  • English: Ravindra Prabhat(born April 5, 1969) is a Hindi poet,scholar, journalist, novelist and a short story writer from India. He has served as an administrator, editor, and researcher, and screen play writer. He writes for major daily newspaper as a historian. He has also received several awards.
  • Deutsch: Ravindra Prabhat (* 5. April 1969 in Mahindwara, Bihar) ist ein indischer Schriftsteller, Dichter und Journalist.
  • हिन्दी: रवीन्द्र प्रभात हिन्दी के कवि,कथाकार,पटकथा लेखक,उपन्यासकर,स्तंभकार और संपादक हैं। ये पिछले लगभग ढाई दशक से हिन्दी में निरंतर लेखन कर रहे हैं
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