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This is the project page for the partnership with simpleshow foundation, a nonprofit organization providing educational videos on different kind of topics.


"simpleshow" is a media brand which includes for-profit and nonprofit organizations. General information about the brand and commercial company are available at The simpleshow foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States and has its own mission as described at

Some of the content created by simpleshow's commercial arm and all the content created by simpleshow foundation has Creative Commons licensing which is copyright compatible for sharing in Wikimedia projects.


The goal of this project is to enhance highly-viewed articles with rich and instructive media, to improve reader understanding and engagement of popular or/and complex topics.


Simpleshow foundation provides educational videos in the genre of "explainer videos". A typical simpleshow video is 3 minutes long and provides an introduction to or a summary of a topic. All of the scripts for simpleshow foundation videos are written by volunteers.

Video creation for Wikipedia[edit]

Simpleshow foundation supports authors with a half-automated video creation tool (mysimpleshow) to create videos for Wikimedi Commons / Wikipedia through an easy workflow. Here are first videos created with the tool and based on the Wikipedia articles:

More information on Video Creation can be found on the project page Wiki Loves Explainer Videos.

Nobel Project 2016[edit]

Nobel project is a cooperation project between Wikimedia Norway and Sweden and simpleshow foundation aiming to produce educational videos for Wikipedia on topics that explain the subjects of all 6 Nobel awards in 2016. The videos will be created in collaboration with Wikipedians. The authors of the scripts are mentioned in the credits and closing frame of the video. The videos will be published under Creative Commons license on Wikimedia Commons and can be embedded into the relevant Wikipedia articles, as well as used by any other party complying with the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.


  1. Registration of volunteers / editors who wants contribute to one of the following topics: Physiology or Medicine; Physics; Chemistry; Literature; Economic Science & Nobel Peace Prize.
  2. Briefing & online tutorial of the volunteers on script writing for simpleshow.
  3. After the Nobel Prize announcement Wikimedia Norway & Sweden help to collect information about the topics.
  4. On the next day volunteers start writing the scripts (max. 400 words on every topic) with the ongoing support by simpleshow foundation team.
  5. As soon as the scripts are finished they will be published on the project page for revision by the Wikipedia community.
  6. After 2 weeks of revision time simpleshow foundation produces the videos and publishes them on Wimedia Commons.

Requirements: Good written English skills. (The working language is English. However, videos can be translated into other languages afterwards.) There are no special skills required, other than some basic writing & storytelling experience. Some background experience in one of the topics (physics, chemistry, medicine, literature & economics) is preferable, but not requirable.

Time requirements:

  • General availibilty in October
  • In order to write a good script, you'll needs about 4 hours. Plus some time for research (in our case it would be great if could get the proved & reliable information from the Nobel Media or related organization) & for reviews. And of course if we'll organize a webinar, we'll need about an hour for it. So, all in all it's about 5-8 hours.
  • The work on one project can be split into several days AND / OR between several volunteer authors. A group of 2 or 3 authors make sense.

If you're interested in participating in this project, please contact Jon Harald Søby (WMNO) or Ilya Kompasov.

UPDATE: I'm happy to announce that we've built a core team of volunteer authors who accepted the challenge. This is the list of the prizes & the main authors (we'll upload the scripts here as well):

  1. Physics - Leslie Khouri, scientific advisor: Elsa Prada (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  2. Chemistry - Sheri Rahman
  3. Literature - Mario Lacerda
  4. Econimics - Daniel Pichardo
  5. Physiology - Kerstin Beckert
  6. Peace - Mario Lacerda & Jon Harald Søby (Wikimedia Norway)

Pending scripts:[edit]

As part of the process of creation of videos we're interested in your feedback on the scripts. They will be posted here with at least 7 days given for review. Please focus on finding major omissions or scientific inaccuracies in the content. Refrain from commenting on narration style. We will leave each script open for feedback for 1 week before sending it to production. Thanks! You can either comment in the sections below or on the google doc itself. The date listed is the date by which comments are required.

Chemistry - 2016-10-27[edit]


Literature - 2016-10-28[edit]


Peace - 2016-11-17[edit]


Physics - 2016-11-17[edit]


Physiology or medicine - 2016-11-17[edit]


Final Videos:[edit]

Usage on Wikipedia[edit]

Simpleshow videos might be included in any Wikipedia article following the same community editing process as with any other content. From a Wikipedia editing perspective, simpleshow videos or any sort of video often contains more editorial messaging than other sorts of media included in Wikipedia articles, like images. The script of a simpleshow video itself presents a video, and videos are stable media items which cannot be edited like Wikipedia articles.

In general, the Wikipedia community wants more video in Wikipedia. Conflicting with the desire for more video is a lack of community experience managing it and the lack of development of English Wikipedia policy on producing videos. Anyone with ideas, comments, or criticism about the inclusion of simpleshow videos in English or other Wikipedias should bring those concerns to the talk page.

Video collection[edit]


simpleshow foundation offers workshops and seminars on "simple explanation" for Wikipedians. In cooperation with Wikimedia Austria they held workshops in Stuttgart, as well as on the 11th & 12th Wikimanias in Mexico City & Esino Lario. simpleshow foundation held an explainer video workshop upon invitation of Wikimedia Netherlands in Utrecht.

simpleshow workshop with Wikimedia Austria in Stuttgart in 2015[edit]

simpleshow workshop at Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City[edit]

simpleshow workshop at Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario[edit]