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Svenska: Skiftesverk
English: bole house, corner post construction, post-and-plank, piece sur piece en coulisse, Hudson Bay corners, Red River framing, Manitoba framing, plank wall construction etc.
Deutsch: Bohlen-Ständerbau, Ständerbohlenbau, standerblockbau, blockstanderbau
Dansk: bulhusteknik
Norsk bokmål: sleppevegg; lavegg
Polski: Konstrukcja sumikowo-łątkowa
Čeština: Drážková konstrukce

This page lists examples of the traditional wood building technique with horizontal boards (often of hardwood like Oak, but later also by pine fixed between vertical posts in which a cut is done to keep the board aligned. In Swedish it is called "Skiftesverk". This traditional building method is very common in some parts of southern Sweden, for instance in the island of Öland but the images of Wikimedia Commons shows that it is spread also in other parts of Europe, like Germany, Spain and especially in Slovenia.

In North America the technique was introduced several times, which is seen in the the use of a number of differnt terms. Bole house (possible a translation of Danish bulhus), corner post construction, post-and-plank, pice sur piece (French Canadian, sometimes piece sur piece en coulisse and many variations. The French term is used in the U.S. particularly by architectural historians), Hudson Bay corners (The Hudson Bay Company used this technique extensively, Red River framing, Manitoba framing (a relatively common type in parts of Canada), plank wall construction, and other names. Two types are found in North America, on with the planks or timbers sliding in grooved posts and one with each timber fitted into individual mortises with the gaps between the timbers chinked like other log buildings.

Note: This technique must not be confused with the more common cross-jointing timber building technique without vertical posts (no:Lafteverk sv:Timring). See: Timring.

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