Splashed white horses

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In some parts of the world, the term "splashed white" is used interchangably with "sabino." Genetic studies to date have identified three splashed white alleles; one that is relatively common in several breeds (SW-1), and two that appear to be limited to only the American Quarter Horse and American Paint Horse (SW-2 and the quite rare SW-3)

The white patterns of sabino and splashed white have similarities, in that white legs and belly spotting are common for both patterns, and it is also possible that a horse could carry genes for both patterns. However, Sabinos usually do not have blue eyes, whereas splash horses often do. Splashed white patterns also tends to be smooth on the edges, while sabino markings tend to have jagged shapes, often with "lacy" or "roaning" patterns at the edges. Only one sabino gene, SB-1, has been identified to date, and it is not found in all sabino-patterned horses.

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