Squadron emblems of the United States Air Force

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The squadron is the basic unit in the United States Air Force. A squadron may be either a mission unit, such as an operational flying squadron, or a functional unit, such as a civil engineer, maintenance, security forces, or transportation squadron. See also Category:Squadron emblems of the United States Air Force.

The emblem design for units must be on a circular shaped shield or disc (See AFI 84-105, paragraph 3.4). Units with emblems on discs include named and numbered squadrons, numbered flights, and other USAF organizations that have no headquarters component.

The disc design for units may have either one or two scrolls. The unit designation should always appear on the bottom scroll (AFI 84-105, paragraphs 3.4.2 and 3.4.3). Both scrolls are the same size, as outlined in AFI 84-105, paragraph 3.4.4.


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