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Ukrainian stamps

According to the Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine on Copyright and Related rights and The Law of Ukraine. On Postal Service (October 4, 2001; N 2759-III) all Ukrainian stamps is in the public domain (see also in Russian: [1] archive copy at the Wayback Machine and {{PD-UA-exempt}})

Quotings: Ukraine. Law on Copyright and Related Rights:

10. The following items shall not be objects of copyright:
(d) State symbols of Ukraine, government awards; symbols and signs of government authorities, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations; symbols of territorial communities; symbols and signs of enterprises, institutions and organizations;'

The Law of Ukraine. On Postal Service

postage stamp - a state sign, manufactured according to the procedure set forth by legislation, with specified face value and state, serving as the tool of payment for postal services provided by the national operator

Ukraine / Україна


UNR/ZUNR (1918-1920)


Underground Post of Ukraine


Soviet period


Modern period (after 1991)


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