Stamps of Lombardy-Venetia

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Postage Stamps issued by the Austrian Empire for use in the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, Lombardy government between 1850 and 1859 (including the Mantua province) and Veneto government until 1866. They have been officially reprinted until 1894.

Issues 1850 (Handpaper) - 1854 (Machine paper)[edit]

15 centesimi Hand paper[edit]

15 centesimi Machine paper[edit]

Paper used since end 1854. Only type III. Rose and red shades. Michel N°3Y.

30 - 45 centesimi[edit]

Issues 1858 (Type I) and 1859 (Type II)[edit]

New currency in soldi required new values. Note the 2 colours for the 3 soldi.

Type I[edit]

Type II[edit]

Issues 1861-1862[edit]

Issue 1863[edit]

Perforated 14. Were also in use in the Ottoman (Levant) Austrian post-offices (not to be placed in this Gallery).

Issue 1864[edit]

Fiscal stamps with postage use after 1850[edit]

Newspaper tax stamps (1858-1859)[edit]