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Import of images from same internet source[edit]

Codex Mendoza folio ??.jpg

has as source [1].

  • livibacci_21.jpg (folio 46r)
  • livibacci_22.jpg (folio 46v?) the red lines fit to folio 46r..

There are some more images at the same source:

  • livibacci_23.jpg (folio 47r)
  • livibacci_24.jpg (folio 57r)
  • livibacci_25.jpg (folio 58r)
  • livibacci_26.jpg (folio 59r)
  • livibacci_27.jpg (folio 60r)
  • livibacci_28.jpg (folio 61r)
  • livibacci_29.jpg (folio 62r)

Can someone import these?--Dudy001 (talk) 14:50, 16 July 2011 (UTC)